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This is a caption, yay!
@HLTVorg (4 minutes ago)
Stats for the match (16-1, Cobblestone) between and in #DHAustin

@HLTVorg (9 minutes ago)
win the American clash, as they wrap up Cobblestone 16-1 over in #DHAustin

@HLTVorg (18 minutes ago)
Due to server issues, the match will resume from 15-1 between and . Tune in: hltv.org/match/2302519-...

@HLTVorg (27 minutes ago)
A monster first half for on Cobblestone, as they lead 14-1 over . CT side for the latter now in #DHAustin

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
Up next in #DHAustin, we have an all-American clash between and : hltv.org/match/2302519-...

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
Swift match for , as they wrap up Cache 16-5 over in #DHAustin

@HLTVorg (2 hours ago)
puts up a solid CT side on Cache, as they lead with 11 rounds to 's 4 in #DHAustin

@HLTVorg (3 hours ago)
The next match in #DHAustin will be vs , find streams, highlights & more: hltv.org/match/2302518-...