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Bo3 match between & in is LIVE! Winners will earn a spot at the $60,000 LAN Finals!

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Another addition to the stats section - you can now check out a player's career form history!

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Two no-scopes in a 1-on-3 clutch by earlier tonight against ! video

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We updated our stats section by adding LAN & Online filters! Here's the current LAN 2015 list:

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Over 80,000 viewers ended up seeing triumph over 16-6 (pistol map), 16-13 (AWP map)!

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Impromptu 1-on-1 Bo3 match for $500 between and starting now! Watch:

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Wondering which players are on form? Check out our stats with a "Past 3 months" filter:

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Stats from 's debut last night vs. ex-CPH Wolves (16-12 Overpass, 19-16 Inferno)