ESL ESEA Finals: fnatic vs. statistical preview
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@HLTVorg (3 hours ago)
olofm & JW were the top fraggers vs Keyd, but was the common denominator in most of their round Ws (29/32)

@HLTVorg (4 hours ago)
in round wins vs. nV yday: 41:13 score, 6 opening kills, 3x 1vs1, 1x 1vs2, contributed in 30 of 32 rounds

@HLTVorg (7 hours ago)
Yesterday we said goodbye to and who ended up in 5-6th place, taking home $12,500 each

@HLTVorg (18 hours ago)
Full series stats between & (16-5 Inferno, 19-16 Train)

@HLTVorg (18 hours ago)
Map 2 stats between & (19-16 Train)

@HLTVorg (18 hours ago)
clinch their semi-final spot after OT on map 2, 2-0 overall against (16-5 Inferno, 19-16 Train)!

@HLTVorg (18 hours ago)
bring the 2nd map into overtime, 15-15 Train!

@HLTVorg (19 hours ago)
Map 1 stats between & (16-5 Inferno)