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@HLTVorg (1 minute ago)
go 4-0 in the group stage after adding another win over , 16-12 on Dust2

@HLTVorg (5 minutes ago)
Flusha gets a big pat on the back for winning a 1on1 to take fnatic up 14-12

@HLTVorg (14 minutes ago)
Once again and are tied up, 10-10 on Dust2

@HLTVorg (36 minutes ago)
And here are the stats from 's 16-13 win on Inferno over

@HLTVorg (37 minutes ago)
Stats are finally in for the second vs. match (16-14 on Inferno)

@HLTVorg (47 minutes ago)
vs. live on Dust2! Stream and scorebot:

@HLTVorg (50 minutes ago)
Casting pair for the final match of the day, and

@HLTVorg (59 minutes ago)
Last map of the day will be Dust2, the second match up between iBP and fnatic is coming up after a short break for the teams