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HLTV.org Betting rules
1. General
HLTV.org offers only fixed odds betting.
HLTV.org offers only betting with "playmoney".
2. Betting seasons
A betting season runs from the 1st to the end of each month of the year.
All participating users recieve 20000 playmoney at the beginning of each period and in addition 250 each day.
Bets will only be offered on matches in the given month of a season.
A number of users will recieve a prize at the end of each season as specified on the "Top list" and "Prizes this month" pages, unless:
The given user in conflict with this ruleset, in which case the prize will be passed on to the next user in line. HLTV.org will ALONE decide if a user is in conflict with this ruleset.
Supplier problems prevents HLTV.org from doing so.
3. Betting
The outcome of a bet is determined when the outcome of a match is found. Extra time is NOT included.
This means that a 15:15 result is a draw, regardless of the result of overtime.
All bets will be settled at the odds on offer when the bet was placed, unless:
The odds was offered in error.
The given match ends due to a forfeit, in which case the odds will be set to one (1.0).
The given match is postponed 12 hours or more, in which case the odds will be set to one (1.0).
The given match is cancelled, in which case the odds will be set to one (1.0).
Outcome of a bet is final, unless:
Outcome was entered in error.
Outcome of the given match changes due to league rules, ect.
4. User conduct.
Users may only use one account to bet on HLTV.org.
Users may not exploit bugs, errors, ect. in the system, unless:
Done in error and HLTV.org is notified ASAP, in which case HLTV.org will take corrective action to rectify the problem.