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Nick: crZy
Name: Sune H

Age: 26
Country: Denmark
Location: DK

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Player: GeT_RiGhT
Clan: puta
CS Version: 1.6
Mouse: DA Respawn Edition 3500 DPI
Mousepad: ZOWIE SpawN ?:D
Headphones: Sennheiser PC350
Cpu: i5
Motherboard: Acer
Memory: Acer
Monitor: 19" CRT
Storage: 1TB
Graphicscard: GT 545
Soundcard: 5.1 HDMI
Connection: 30mbit

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200 hours of software development is at consultancy worth over 20000, considering that a software consultant makes 1000SEK per hour supex0 is a complete retard, hence why i would never do something like he did
CrZy Did you take into account that pistols have ~100% normal accuracy mid air IF you tap S or whatever you have your backward run bound to... watch the demo again and notice he does it both times. Then go to a server and try the same thing and you'll realise it's a lot easier than you'd expect
You're judging from a 16tick demo? Go kill yourslef
I really thought you were a good guy at heart but that pointing of fingers is bad .. I know you be thinkin why reply to this 16yo kid who dont know shit .. Agreed i dont know shit but i can point finger at anyone .. Heck i can point at get_right , f0rest even you or colon .. I can say any player better than me be it lan or online is cheating cuz he might have cheat in his mouse

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