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Nick: dv-_-
Name: danny

Age: 24
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Blackpool

Email: Hidden

Occupation: PHP Developer

Clan: in memory of cyx

Userid: 158436
Comments: 4475
Profile hits: 6684
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Last activity: 2014-10-20 11:32
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Player: REAL / MODDII / kalle / BARBARR / tacky / minet / sIMKO / rah
Clan: ALCHEMISTS (MODDII, Kalle, pronax, BARBARR, tacky) Currently: ESC & Na'Vi in CSGO
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: Lots
Tournament: Can't remember, was when carn n dsn won after losing 3 players
Book: Twilight
Food: Chinese / Fish 'n Chips
Gadget: Lightsaber
Music: ----
Song: ----
Actor: David Tennant
TV Series: Doctor Who / Game of Thrones / Walking Dead
Movie: Far too many to name.
Mouse: Sensei RAW
Mousepad: Fnatic Qck
Headphones: Siberia V2 Na'Vi
Cpu: Intel i7 2700k @ 3.5GHz
Motherboard: Not sure
Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
Monitor: 23" LCD 120Hz
Storage: 60GB SSD 1TB HDD
Graphicscard: R7850 Twin FROZR 2GD5
Soundcard: N/A OnBoard I believe
Connection: 100Mbits Virgin Media

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accept me on steam need to talk with u
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