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Hi there and welcome!

Iím Martin! I got the brilliant idea to start Of course I didnít take the site where is it today by myself. It was a team effort.

Starting ruined my own gaming career or should was it really a career? I think not... but I had fun. I played in a DK/UK team called Too drunk to play and tactical as well as clan leader. [2d2p]Hoops_Shooter I was called! Scary, aye?

Anyways, we reached our potential as a top team on Clanbase UK Ladder and the fun sorted stopped. We couldnít get further without investing more time and we werenít willing to go that far. We kind of ended up being too good for the middle teams and too bad for the
good teams.

So instead I started with back up from 2d2p and here we are today.
Between working on I have also been the manager of Team Kampzone. Kampzone was a huge Danish server host, who felt I was the right man for the job and I still believe I was as well. It was quite funny actually and I learn a few lessons. We didnít get that far, once again potential wasnít equal with realization.

Another project was Qleague which actually was kind of innovative. Unfortunately the teams stopped playing as the first season was almost over and I was fed up with it. I never understood why they wanted me to make sure they played the matches.

Now Iím all, and donít do much else on the gaming scene. If you need a hand feel free to ask. You never know!

If you would like to work in feel free to send me a message via the site.
Itís should contain this:
Why would I like to work for
What would I like to do?

What have I done before?

Gary LeHarv
Cobra alias Eccles
Naz *Wruuuum*
Kula :'(

Now that you are done browsing my profile I think you should go place a bet here and see if you can win the betting competition.

Player: zonic
Clan: Asylum
Tournament: CPL
Book: LOL?
Food: Mexican
Gadget: Strap-on
Music: All round
Song: Step by step - New Kids On The Block
Actor: Edward Norton
TV Series: Oz
Movie: Fight Club
Mouse: Touchpad
Cpu: Intel® Celeron® M processor 1.60GHz
Motherboard: Acer Myall mainboard
Memory: 1GB
Monitor: 19"
Storage: TOSHIBA MK1234GAX, 111.79GB
Connection: 20 mbit

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Was it? I don't troll. I just post my opinions and questions and stuff. I'm always genuine.
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