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Personal Information
Nick: her-1g
Name: chris bleck

Age: 30
Country: Greece
Location: copenhagen

Email: Hidden

Occupation: clothing store ..


Userid: 162253
Comments: 6922
Profile hits: 10599
Blog count: 12
Last activity: 2017-03-28 18:03
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high school in larisa, greece 2001-2004
BSC in computer science and telecom in athens, greece2005-2009
msc in Data Analytics at DTU, denmark from 2009-2011
national service in 35th SF unit in cyprus 2011-2012

playing only for fun purposes

Player: k1ngz_
Clan: complexity
CS Version: 1.5
CS Match: eoL v SK (mindtrek lan finals)
Tournament: cpl winter 2004
Book: The Secret
Food: souvlaki
Gadget: HTC one 16gb
Music: nu metal, metalcore, alternative metal
Song: Freak on a leash by KoRn
Actor: Robert Downey Jr
TV Series: Game Of Thrones
Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Mouse: Intellipoint 1.1A
Mousepad: everglide titan monstermat
Headphones: AKG Q701 + siberia seperate Microphone
Cpu: intel Core i7-3770K
Motherboard: MSi Z77 MPOWER
Memory: Kingston HyperX black series 4x4GB (1600Mhz)
Monitor: Samsung T22A350 LED TV-Monitor 21.5''
Storage: WD caviar blue 500gb (S3) + Kingston SSD128Gb (sata3)
Graphicscard: AMD 7870
Soundcard: ASUS Xonar Essence STX
Connection: 24mbps/1mbps

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national service in 35th SF unit in cyprus 2011-2012 :D:D comedy cyprus agent :D
Great blogs. HLTV needs more people like you.
i see it, only noobs there but u use quakenet. what channels or nick?
u use GRnet?

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