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'there has been a 300 reduction in the total prize money on offer', since when did 3700-3300 become 300? T_T
Why do you have fragbite as a source when you wrote the article about the rumors about maikelele? The orignial source are here: lobalOffensive/comments/2 vqu6i/maikelele_to_leave_ nip_true/ I think slop3 should get some creed from this too and not Fragbite who "stole" the story from him.
Olá colega . I am sorry to bother you but i would like to enquire about "who deals with the banning system". I wont request "him" to unban me ... however i would like to know why i got banned? i didnt even use the "F" word in the forums..i dont have any idea for what reason i got banned..If you are not in that department so would you please let me know whom to enquire about? any help would be obliged..thanks and take care. Wish my regards to your friends and family members :D
Hello my name is Patrick and I live in Poland, I'm eighteen years old and I want to ask you if you can add my stream on HLTV. I play Counter Strike Global Offensive all the time and I also play Euro Track Simulator 2, Tibia and other games. I play Tibia for six years and I'm professional player. I would be really happy if you add my stream channel on HLTV. I'm respect other people and i want to play with other players. If you want know more can you send me message? There is also my link for stream channel live.
I'd like my stream to be added into I play for team recursive (3rd @ assembly asus rog tournament) and I'm also a part of the Finnish ESEC-lineup. I stream on a daily basis in both english and finnish. I had 230 viewers when I streamed our game against team orbit.

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