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Name: João

Age: 23
Country: Portugal
Location: Lisbon

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"And When He Gets To Heaven,
To Saint Peter He Will Tell;
One More Marine Reporting Sir,
I've Served My Time In Hell"

Player: pita
Clan: MYM.sweden 2009 (delpan, moddii, jumpy, pita, zet)
CS Version: 1.5
Gadget: Ipod Classic
Music: Outrun, Synthwave, New Wave, FutureSynth etc
TV Series: The Sopranos, Twin Peaks, Futurama, Rick And Morty, Archer, The Wire, Prison Break , The clone wars, Samurai Jack, Batman Beyond, Justice League.
Movie: Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Starwars Prequels, Fight Club.
Mouse: SS Xai
Mousepad: SS Qck+ fnatic
Monitor: Asus VH203D

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About: ADMIN ABUSE. I left you private message to your account Inbox
Is the be a mod thing serious ? Im interested but il be on my cell mostly ..
Please read my thread if you are free .. Its about skins destroy csgo but there is a huge thanks to all admins on hltv.. Please do your best man ..
In regards of the thread, related to the lurppis being a convicted cheater in the eyes of Custodia. He began a witchhunt stating that emilio should be banned off e-sports, then if people were to apply same logic. Lurppis got accordingly to him "wrongfully" convicted by the Custodia Anti-cheat client. So, who would you trust, an anti-cheat that has been commercially developed, or his word of mouth? /651711-islam-is-the-true -religion delete this thread.

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