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Personal Information
Nick: trig
Name: Matteo

Age: 28
Country: Italy
Location: Italy

Email: Hidden

Occupation: Web Developer


Userid: 1964
Comments: 153
Profile hits: 2694
Blog count: 1
Last activity: 2017-04-23 12:41
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Currently playng for http://tesgaming.com/ - termi, cla, uNd, bardOz, Krono$

Famous trig vs Na'Vi Ace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_UPADYTvWM during MSI BEAT IT 2011 Qualifier

1 of the 5 players of team Catch-23, nominated one of the best EU Team on CS:S during 2009. http://www.esportsheaven.com/news/view/44073/cadred-s-top10-european-cs-s-teams

Eu Lan Events attended:

- ESWC 2007 with Cubesports.AMD CS 1.6
- ESWC 2011 with redByte CS 1.6
- DreamHack Valencia with redByte CS 1.6
- Roskilde lan Party CPH with Catch-23 @ CS:S
- CPL Italy CS 1.6

Italian Lan Events attended:

- Malo lan party with HEW (trig, vicious, mrx, Kawa, [email protected])
- Rocket jump lan party 2k4 (trig, onizer, mr.k1w1, Lock4rt, B4lto)
- Rocket jump lan party 2k5
- Kode5 Pre-Qualifier @ Verona (trig, vicious, mrx, m4niac, h3atz)
- ESL Pro Series season #1 (trig, vicious, mrx, KareL, h3atz)
- ESL Pro Seires season #2 (trig, vicious, mrx, emptY, m4niac)
- ESL Pro Series Season #3 (trig, vicious, mrx, Mr.Brillio, Kronos)
- ESL Pro Series season #4 (trig, fury, kronos, dejan, karel)
- ESL Pro Series season #5 (trig, sKizzo, Nembo, nico, uNd)
- ESL Pro Series season #6 (trig, sKizzo, Nembo, TAGO, brutal)
- ESL Pro Series season #7 (trig, sKizzo, Nembo, uNd, Roma)
- Italian Lan Party #2 (trig, sKizzo, Nembo, KronoS, brutal)
- Italian Lan Party #1 (trig, zelot, manao, h3atz, mrx)
- ANVI Lan 2k6 (trig, vicious, empty, seta, h3atz)
- ANVI Lan 8-9-10 Aprile 2005 (trig, pata, maniac, 2 random)
- Rocket Jump verona CS:Source 2005 lan (trig, sKizzo, irene)
- ESWC Qualifier 2k7 with Cubesports (trig, sKizzo, Nembo, k1tek, uNd)
- KODE 5 Final Qualifier (trig, vicious, mrx, tyleR, fury)
- NGI Lan 2005 (trig, vicious, mrx, maniac, h3atz)
- WCG Qualifier 2006 (trig, vicious, valhalla, empty, mrx)
- OGM Lan 2005 (trig, sonk, silver, hawk, eddy webis)
- OGM Lan 2006 (trig, vicious, empty, h3atz, f^st)
- ESWC Qualifier 2k6 (trig, LuNa, ducKy, mat, -)
- Redbyte Tournament 2011 (trig, neo, LuNa, termi, kronos)
- ESL Pro Series 8

Player: Goodfella
Clan: NiP
CS Version: 1.5
CS Match: NiP vs SK
Tournament: eswc
Book: lotr
Food: kebab
Music: trance
Song: erase my mind
Actor: jhonny deep
TV Series: house dexter
Movie: inception
Mouse: DeathADder
Mousepad: QCK+ CS GO Edition
Headphones: Siberia V2 CS : GO
Cpu: intel
Motherboard: asus
Memory: 16g
Monitor: benq 120hz
Graphicscard: GTX 960
Connection: 20 mega

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