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Personal Information
Nick: dbie
Name: David Matta

Age: 26
Country: Peru
Location: Lima, Peru

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Userid: 211887
Comments: 4996
Profile hits: 7965
Blog count: 4
Last activity: 2016-11-05 09:46
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read leangains.com
ask about what the governments are doing
What is the transpacific partnership?

Player: Neo
Clan: Golden Five (the poles)
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: MYM.pl vs WeMade FOX @ ESWC Final
Tournament: IEM
Book: We3
Food: Ceviche
Gadget: HumancentiPad
Music: A lil bit of everything
Song: The Prodigy - Mindfields
Actor: Idris Elba
TV Series: The Wire, everything HBO
Movie: Rocky
Mouse: IE 1.1a
Mousepad: Qck+ Fnatic Edition

Latest Guestbook entries
Did you answer "its already invading Syria" to my comment "btw where's the democracy ?" in a deleted thread?
sup dbie. Just wanted to say CSGO is a cesspit and a joke for the cs scene, as it merged the 1.6 scene with a cesspool of scumbaggery from CSS. This is what you get when you mix an established competitive community and a dumb fake css competitive community. Cheaters from sauce gunna cheat and smear what was the glory of 1.6 We posted in 2012 csgo was garbage, and we will still post it forever.
-Fifflaren +dbie
read about that before mate, more than one occasion of that from the US! when you paste the yt link I sent you it seems to put a space between the link "wa tch" delete the empty space bro :]
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ZEgJ0oo3OA8 Interesting link for you bud, revealing how the Maiden hired snipers to shoot both the police and protestors to legitimize the coup in Kiev!

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