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Personal Information
Nick: jUN^
Name: Alex

Age: 30
Country: Europe
Location: Kiev, UA

Email: Hidden


Clan: we <3 Ukraine

Userid: 222032
Comments: 5121
Profile hits: 8874
Blog count: 1
Last activity: 2017-04-27 23:46
Added friends: 11
Added as friend: 7
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Be a good boy, do as you would be done by.

Player: starix
Clan: spz
CS Version: 1.6:GO
CS Match: Na`Vi - mTw @ WCG '10 ; NiP - fnatic @ Cologne'14
Tournament: DHW
Book: cArn's tactics book
Food: borsch, pampushky and salo
Gadget: Bic
Music: Hip-Hop
Actor: VVP
Mouse: MX
Mousepad: QPAD
Headphones: Siberia
Cpu: Intel
Motherboard: MSI
Memory: GSkill
Monitor: HP
Storage: Crucial
Graphicscard: Zotac
Connection: Fiber

Latest Guestbook entries
Thanks, friend. :) Have an awesome day yourself. Apologies for forcing you to witness the inane babble of trolls. God forbid I word something incorrectly, eh?
I am banned for stupid topic, but may your cat rest in peace. I have same cat actually, he is siamese (but not proper blood one) and he's cutest thing ever, I love him and can't imagine days without him. He also comes sit on my bed whenever I am ill or when I have to study, he gives me "moral" support. I cry if I only think one day he will die. I am sure your cat loved his life with you :3
fairly underrated user
Privet. mojew' pojaluesta skin' ssilku na tvoi VK. u meny est' paru voprosov)
I don't recall mate, I'm sorry. Perhaps you were writing something stupid, smart or funny.

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