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Personal Information
Nick: Cyberman321
Name: Andrew Wooten

Age: 33
Country: United States

Email: Hidden

Occupation: E-Pimp


Userid: 226502
Comments: 640
Profile hits: 3374
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Last activity: 2017-03-28 01:02
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I am probably one of the best to ever have touched the game. I have played since 1999 and have competed in all top North American and European leagues and lan events. I have won more money and trophies in CS than anybody you know.

Do not size yourself up to me, you will lose.

I am better than you.
I do not like you.
I do it on LAN, you do not.
Get on my level scrubs.

Frag with the best, die like the rest.

Player: Myself
Clan: America
CS Version: Beta 6
CS Match: America > Europe
Book: George W. Bush: Great or Greatest President?
Food: McDonalds Big Macs (6 a day)
Gadget: ass vibrator
Music: ballet
Song: light as a feather
Actor: Liberace'
TV Series: Golden Girls
Movie: Miley Cyrus in 3D
Mouse: My Mind.
Mousepad: Carpet
Headphones: Space Helmet
Cpu: Classified CIA system
Motherboard: UBER Board
Memory: I forget
Monitor: JumboTron
Storage: Infinite
Graphicscard: The Best
Soundcard: I can hear you everywhere
Connection: Faster than yours

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[United States] Cyberman321 probably one of the worst demo's I've ever seen... this kid is awful.. lol
ernesto "che" guevara and fidel castro for the win,fuck capitalism ,fuck your country :)
LOL > mfw an american calls me fat
Hey, like my profile pic?
im better than you

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