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Nick: zynthex
Name: René Lystad

Age: 20
Country: Norway
Location: Sandefjord

MSN: renefl_95@hotmai..
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Last activity: 2015-08-04 17:29
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LAN Achievements:

RanvikLAN 2009 CSS 5on5 #2nd
Polarparty 2010 CSS 5on5 #5th
DFEKT LAN 2011 CSS 1on1 #1st
RanvikLAN 2011 CSS 1on1 #1st
Polarparty 2011 CSS 5on5 #4th
DFEKT LAN 2012 CSS 5on5 #1st
The Gathering 2012 CSS 5on5 #1st (unofficial CSS comp http://www.pwned.no/56220/)

Polarparty 2012 CSS 5on5 #1st ( http://pp21.challonge.com/css )

HadeLAN 2013 CSGO 5on5 #2nd ( http://challonge.com/hadelan2013csgo )

DFEKT LAN 2013 CSS 5on5 #1st ( http://challonge.com/dfektcs )

GalaxeLAN 2013 CSGO 5on5 #1st
HadeLAN 2014 CSGO 5on5 #2nd ( http://challonge.com/Hadelan2014csgo )

DFEKT LAN 2014 CSGO 5on5 #1st ( http://challonge.com/dfektcsgo )

GlobeLAN 2014 CSGO 2on2 aim_map #1st ( http://gl22.challonge.com/csgo )

Player: cyx
Clan: NiP
CS Version: CS:GO
CS Match: I enjoy the most
Tournament: Dreamhack Winter 2013 / IEM EMS One Katowice
Book: I dont read too much
Food: Kebab / pizza
Music: I listen to everything
Song: Mad child - wake up
TV Series: Suits / Dexter / Homeland
Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
Mouse: SteelSeries Rival
Mousepad: QPAD HeatoN XL
Headphones: QPAD QH-1339
Monitor: Samsung syncmaster 2233

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