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Name: Jacob

Age: 27
Country: Denmark
Location: Skjern

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Biography Forum admin

Leading developer of
Played cs since 1999 sep. v 7.1 - The long way baby!

Bachelor degree in web development and Danish business entrepreneur.

Player: trace
Clan: mTw
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: mTw-Navi classics
Tournament: WCG
Food: I enjoy everything
Gadget: Iphone
Music: Majestic
Song: Say my name
Actor: Leonard DiCaprio / Sacha Baron Cohen
TV Series: Suits, GOT, TWD, Dexter, BB
Mouse: Sensei RAW
Mousepad: QCK+
Headphones: Icemat audio
Cpu: 3.3 GHZ
Motherboard: dno
Memory: 12GB DDR3
Monitor: BENQ 22"
Storage: 2TB HDD
Graphicscard: AMD 1GB
Soundcard: None
Connection: 25/25

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I always thought about your nickname, I guess is totally related to Grabiel Batistuta of course, but are you a big fan of him or ..? Just askin.
see your inbox please.
my full report is done. do you want to have a first read?
please see this. it's from the article. Who has the money? It’s hard to answer this question because the statements he gave are shady, but we will try to go through everything he said. So, in his statement on Facebook, on February 13th, Pita claims two important people for :GO community are taking care of the money. February 15th, on forums, NiP’s coach claims: “The money is at the account of OnFire (Anders & Semmler). The other part of the money Fifflaren is controlling, as mentioned in my statement on facebook.”. Well, in his statement on Facebook he said the money are held by two people, not three. Anyway, Fifflaren denied Pita’s claims in 5 minutes, and he even provided a print screen to prove his words (photo2). Moreover, one user googled the name of the Company who got the money from Fifflaren. It was held by HeatoN and went bankrupt in October 2014. In the lights of Fifflaren response, Pita changed his statement again: “Fifflaren transfered the money imideately after the event to the main account not controlled by me. Reason why I didnt know he didnt have "control" of any money. And he has nothing to do with the project, aswell as Anders. The only thing they have in common with this project is that they let me keep the money at their place so that morons like you would understand that I would never touch that money for my own benefits.” The important thing is that HeatoN’s account is the main account of the charity. An account that should have the money now, but the company went bankrupt. (photos3,4,5)
thanks alot. you can go and ban me right back. got what i need. thanks again <3 ur fan

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