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Personal Information
Name: Jacob

Age: 29
Country: Denmark
Location: Skjern

Email: Hidden


Clan: mTw.dk

Userid: 27377
Comments: 4735
Profile hits: 27169
Blog count: 7
Last activity: 2017-03-27 14:37
Added friends: 3
Added as friend: 3
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HLTV.org Forum admin

Leading developer of www.CSGOMapveto.com

steamcommunity.com/id/BATISTUT A9/
Played cs since 1999 sep. v 7.1 - The long way baby!

Bachelor degree in web development and Danish business entrepreneur.


Player: trace
Clan: mTw
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: mTw-Navi classics
Tournament: WCG
Food: I enjoy everything
Gadget: Iphone
Music: Majestic
Song: Say my name
Actor: Leonard DiCaprio / Sacha Baron Cohen
TV Series: Suits, GOT, TWD, Dexter, BB
Mouse: Sensei RAW
Mousepad: QCK+
Headphones: Icemat audio
Cpu: i 5 6500 - 3.7 GHZ
Motherboard: ASUS B150M
Memory: 16GB DDR4 2100mhz
Monitor: BENQ 22"
Storage: 250GB SSD Samsung
Graphicscard: GTX 960 4GB OC
Soundcard: None
Connection: 25/25

Latest Guestbook entries
hltv-addon with imgur embed features or twitch clips etc will work only on hltv? Or like video title adder on every website? Btw do u know good chrome-addons with this imgur feature?
I agree with your comment that stated that what he typed was wrong and I surley thank you for banning such a awful person like who would comment that awful and disgusting stuff? who knows man but keep up the good moderation on this site I love it man! gl with the kids and wife next week, have a wonderful holiday
thx m8 i will reform now FeelsGoodMan
This ugly old shit banned me because i say dont be salty because astralis lose hahahah dumbfuck working class pleb, inferiority complex shit and internet hero :)
kkkkkkk ban extended for crying KKKKK Batistuta you're a god LOL

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