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Country: Hungary

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Not much about me.
Im open minded for everything.
Since my PC is ultra shit I played oldschool games back in the days for almost 15 years.

FPS and Racing category all the way.
CS, Quake, UT, Painkiller, IGI2, MOH, COD+UO & 2, NFS U1,U2,MW, Flatout etc.

Did a lot of gui's back in 2010-2012 for CS 1.6 some of them got famous and reached 100+k downloads each.
Overall almost 600-700k downloads. from and on these sites u can find me under these nicknames and check out some of my work (Tibbse, minisunde)

I also loved map retexturing and map making but casualy.

As a player Im on mid level, never played seriously only in the old days of CS.
2005-2007 with my mates from the same city. ;-)

Now Im inactive.
Im following and spectating CSGO, I like it very much since the beta, but dont have the interest playing it cuz, life > gaming.

I like the baguetteland teams such as exVG,exCM,Epsilon, Titan, exLDLC, nV and the Danish teams since I was a NoA/mTw fan back in the days, so go CPH, TSM and dignitas.

Player: dupreeh - shox
Clan: Titan, nV, TSM
CS Version: Came from 1.6 (2001.10.12) following CSGO scene since the beginnings (DH Valencia 2012)
CS Match: 2008 vs WORLD
Music: Every metal genre, except the soft shitty ones and Uplifting Trance (ASOT Stuff 2006 - 20.. )
Song: Disarmonia Mundi, Insomnium, Nightwish (with Tarja), In Flames (The Old), Blood Stain Child, Sonic Syndicate (The Old), Shade Empire, Volbeat, Soilwork
Actor: Jason Statham maybe
TV Series: Every DC Comics stuff, Ugly Americans, Brickleberry
Movie: Law Abident Citizen, Elysium, 300, Inception
Mouse: Canyon CNR
Mousepad: Ratpad Qck+
Headphones: Sony Noname
Cpu: 1.7
Motherboard: Ultra shit
Memory: 1 GB
Monitor: Unknown
Storage: 160 GB
Graphicscard: Dont exist on this PC
Connection: Im an Onliner.

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ok, no its okay i find a link :D>
tibbzenorinerinozerinoeri nopepperoni u can give me a link to download mtw tribute gui 2008 by tibbSeE:D tried to download it @csgui but doesnt work
Hey mate! It's been a while, hook me up on steam if you're still playing, or just using your computer: /id/Domax1337

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