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Personal Information
Nick: EXTOL[t]

Age: 21
Country: Macedonia
Location: Tetovo

MSN: [email protected].
Email: Hidden



Userid: 320921
Comments: 2453
Profile hits: 5063
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Last activity: 2017-03-29 00:38
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Setup & Settings

Mouse : Microsoft Inteli Mouse 1.1
Mousepad : SteelSeries qck + fnatic edition
Headset : SteelSeries Siberia
Keyboard : A4tech G800V

OS : Windows XP
Resolution: 640x480 @ 100Hz
Crosshair: Large, White, translucent, dynamic no
Sensitivity: 2.0 in-game, 4/11 windows
Mouse settings: drivers/mouse fix/enhanced pointer precision
Launch options: No-Launch Options

Confing And Other infos - www.sk-gaming.com/member/exxT00L

Player: Xizt
Clan: fnatic
CS Version: Counter Strike 1.6
CS Match: fnatic vs SK
Tournament: IEM World Championship
Book: I hate books
Food: Pizza
Music: 2pac
Song: Call The Cops When You see 2pac
Actor: James Bond
TV Series: I hate tv..
Movie: Ninja Movie
Mouse: Microsoft Inteli 1.1 mouse
Mousepad: Steelseries qck + fnatic edition
Headphones: Steelseires Siberia
Motherboard: MSI
Memory: 500 GB
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster B2230
Graphicscard: ATI
Connection: Blizoo

Latest Guestbook entries
Buy first PC, you'll have 100+ fps @DM ofc, but also check out my post @ your thread. Cheers!
Check out the thread!
Try to lower down your graphics settings (i would say "low") with a resolution of 1024. Be sure you're using AMD's latest driver set and the latest DirectX version. Bear in mind that the 4330 is a low end gpu which won't in any case give top notch quality graphics. Close any background applications (especially browsers) and be sure to have antialiasing disabled by default (somewhere in CCC).
300fps no, enough fps to enjoy the game. You don't need 300fps :) Even 30fps can do the job just fine - it's a D3D game not OpenGL like 1.6

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