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Personal Information
Nick: ritchiedrama
Name: Richard Gibbs

Age: 27
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Grimsby

Email: Hidden

Occupation: Pro Gamer


Userid: 342515
Comments: 1843
Profile hits: 8218
Blog count: 1
Last activity: 2017-03-02 18:36
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ritch, Hughsy, HaZ, Re1ease, stingeR


GeT RiTCH oR DiE TRYiNG - The Movie



Subscribe & Watch Please! :)

Config: http://www.sk-gaming.com/member/ritchiedrama

Config Updated: 04/10/2011

LAN Achievements;

1st ~ Starbytes Winter Warmer (room26)
1st ~ GameOn LAN #64 (Zboard)
2nd ~ Starbytes Summer Madness (Zboard)
5th ~ Multiplay i30 Pro Event (Reason-Gaming)
4th ~ LAN79, France (Reason-Gaming)
3rd ~ Multiplay i31 Pro Event (Zboard)
4th ~ Slap Live #13 (Reason-Gaming)
2nd ~ iG5, Omega Sektor (London MiNT)
2nd ~ Multiplay i33 Pro Event (London MiNT)
3rd ~ Championship Gaming Series Combine (London MiNT)
7th ~ Championship Gaming Series Franchise Finals (London MiNT)
4th ~ Multiplay i34 Pro Event (London MiNT)
3rd ~ PC Gamer, Stoneleigh Park (London MiNT)
3rd ~ Multiplay i35 Pro Event (London MiNT)
5th ~ Multiplay i36 Pro Event (Crack Clan)
2nd ~ Alienware Area-51 Pro Challenge (Crack Clan)
4th ~ LAN79 Player Edition (Crack Clan)
2nd ~ UKESA Lan Finals (Crack Clan)
1st ~ ESL UK Pro Series Lan Finals (Crack Clan)
5th ~ Multiplay i38 Pro Event (FMTOXIC)
2nd ~ Multiplay i39 Pro Event (FMTOXIC)
5th ~ LAN79 2010 (FMTOXIC)
1st ~ Multiplay i42 Pro Event (FMTOXIC)

Online Achievements;

1st ~ Jolt.co.uk League (Zboard)
1st ~ Intel Core 2 Duo Challenge (4Kings)
1st ~ Clanbase Qpad Cup (4Kings)
1st ~ uYR Tournament 1 CGS Cup (4Kings)
1st ~ uYR Tournament 2 CGS Cup (4Kings)
1st ~ theSGL Nations Cup 2007 (England)
1st ~ MySites.com Invite Tournament (London MiNT)
1st ~ Rustlers Gamesafe Tournament (London MiNT)
1st ~ PCGS Online Qualifier (London MiNT)
3rd ~ EnemyDown.co.uk EuroKreig Invite (London MiNT)
1st ~ ESL Home Nations Cup (England)
1st ~ EPS Season 2 Qualifier (Crack Clan)
1st ~ EPS Season 3 Qualifier (FMTOXIC)
2nd ~ EPS Season 3 Online Finals (FMTOXIC)
1st ~ ArcticNova Invite Cup 8000 NOK (Crossed)
4th ~ ESL Major Series VIII (FMTOXIC)
2nd ~ EPS Season 4 Online Finals (FMTOXIC)

Previous Teams;

room26 - (Andre, luck, fataL, ben0, ritch)
Zboard - (HenryG, shab, fataL, ben0, ritch)
dRagonality - (rootbeer, tyron, shift, jIMMy, cozman, ritch)
Audacious - (url, Challenger, sp00n, steg, ritch)
Reason - (HenryG, url, jon0o, shift, ritch)
Reason - (HenryG, url, jon0o, Hughsy, ritch)
4Kings - (HenryG, url, jon0o, Hughsy, ritch)
Reason - (c0bain, warclown, jIMMy, hudzG, ritch)
cotch - (wEZ, wilzOOO, rossaR, Mx, ritch)
London MiNT - (hudzG, Hughsy, HenryG, url, ritch)
Crack Clan - (Hughsy, HaZ, Mx, beta, ritch)
POWER - (HenryG, hudzG, Re1ease, wilzOOO, ritch)
FMTOXIC - (mOE, weber, FrankstaH, nayden, ritch)

Frag Movie Appearances;

UK & Ireland Source Scene Movie 2
UK & Ireland Source Scene Movie 3
Royalty For A Reason
Source Generation
Enemydown.co.uk EuroKreig Movie Week 1
Enemydown.co.uk EuroKreig Movie Week 2
Enemydown.co.uk EuroKreig Movie Week 3

Countries I've visited for gaming;

LAN79, Bressuire, France
SLAP Live #13, Denmark
Los Angeles, Championship Gaming Series, USA


In Game:

~ Resolution: 640x480
~ Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
~ Crosshairsize: 2
~ Spreadscale: 0.5
~ Dynamic: 0
~ Model Detail: Low
~ Texture Detail: Low
~ Shader Detail: Low
~ Water Detail: Simple Reflections
~ Shadow Detail: High
~ Color Correction: Disabled
~ Antialiasing Mode: None
~ Filtering Mode: Bilinear
~ Wait For Vertical Sync: Disabled
~ High Dynamic Range: None
~ Multicore Rendering: Enabled
~ mat_dxlevel 81

Mouse: (Steelseries Xai)

~ Sensitivity: 1.46
~ Drivers: None
~ CPL Mouse Fix: No
~ Windows Sensitivity: 5/11
~ DPI: 400
~ Mouse Hz: 500
~ Enhanced Pointer Precision: No
~ Launch: -console -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -freq 120

Look, them man are jokers, them man are fake, them man are hopeless, them man are waste.

Player: HaZ
CS Version: 1.6
Tournament: Alienware Gadget Show
Food: Chicken
Music: Grime
Song: It's Benny
Actor: Michael C Hall
TV Series: Dexter, Entourage, Californication
Movie: Scream
Mouse: Steelseries Xai
Mousepad: QcK+
Headphones: Steelseries Siberias V2
Cpu: Intel i5-2500k Sandybridge @ 4.4
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67-M PRO
Memory: Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Monitor: Viewsonic VX2268WM 22" 120 Hz
Storage: Western Digital 750 GB
Graphicscard: 1 GB EVGA GTX 460
Soundcard: Steelseries USB
Connection: 8 MB

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H e l l o M8, Heard you like to lift, is it also true you like it up the shitter? King Regards, Small Willy
sup m8!
Monkey Dumbfuck Shithead Niggger
Reported the very post that took you down. Now I see how you look irl and understand perfectly. You should have just told me you were a fugly juicehead and i wouldn't bother. I gave you too much attention. Nice lifestyle you find yourself into, how is it treating you irl? pathetic...
yupppp.. living zee dream =[

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