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Personal Information
Nick: ritchiedrama
Name: Richard Gibbs

Age: 26
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Grimsby

Email: Hidden

Occupation: Pro Gamer
Website: http://www.esaha..


Userid: 342515
Comments: 1807
Profile hits: 7216
Blog count: 1
Last activity: 2015-11-26 13:05
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ritch, Hughsy, HaZ, Re1ease, stingeR


GeT RiTCH oR DiE TRYiNG - The Movie



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Config: http://www.sk-gaming.com/member/ritchiedrama

Config Updated: 04/10/2011

LAN Achievements;

1st ~ Starbytes Winter Warmer (room26)
1st ~ GameOn LAN #64 (Zboard)
2nd ~ Starbytes Summer Madness (Zboard)
5th ~ Multiplay i30 Pro Event (Reason-Gaming)
4th ~ LAN79, France (Reason-Gaming)
3rd ~ Multiplay i31 Pro Event (Zboard)
4th ~ Slap Live #13 (Reason-Gaming)
2nd ~ iG5, Omega Sektor (London MiNT)
2nd ~ Multiplay i33 Pro Event (London MiNT)
3rd ~ Championship Gaming Series Combine (London MiNT)
7th ~ Championship Gaming Series Franchise Finals (London MiNT)
4th ~ Multiplay i34 Pro Event (London MiNT)
3rd ~ PC Gamer, Stoneleigh Park (London MiNT)
3rd ~ Multiplay i35 Pro Event (London MiNT)
5th ~ Multiplay i36 Pro Event (Crack Clan)
2nd ~ Alienware Area-51 Pro Challenge (Crack Clan)
4th ~ LAN79 Player Edition (Crack Clan)
2nd ~ UKESA Lan Finals (Crack Clan)
1st ~ ESL UK Pro Series Lan Finals (Crack Clan)
5th ~ Multiplay i38 Pro Event (FMTOXIC)
2nd ~ Multiplay i39 Pro Event (FMTOXIC)
5th ~ LAN79 2010 (FMTOXIC)
1st ~ Multiplay i42 Pro Event (FMTOXIC)

Online Achievements;

1st ~ Jolt.co.uk League (Zboard)
1st ~ Intel Core 2 Duo Challenge (4Kings)
1st ~ Clanbase Qpad Cup (4Kings)
1st ~ uYR Tournament 1 CGS Cup (4Kings)
1st ~ uYR Tournament 2 CGS Cup (4Kings)
1st ~ theSGL Nations Cup 2007 (England)
1st ~ MySites.com Invite Tournament (London MiNT)
1st ~ Rustlers Gamesafe Tournament (London MiNT)
1st ~ PCGS Online Qualifier (London MiNT)
3rd ~ EnemyDown.co.uk EuroKreig Invite (London MiNT)
1st ~ ESL Home Nations Cup (England)
1st ~ EPS Season 2 Qualifier (Crack Clan)
1st ~ EPS Season 3 Qualifier (FMTOXIC)
2nd ~ EPS Season 3 Online Finals (FMTOXIC)
1st ~ ArcticNova Invite Cup 8000 NOK (Crossed)
4th ~ ESL Major Series VIII (FMTOXIC)
2nd ~ EPS Season 4 Online Finals (FMTOXIC)

Previous Teams;

room26 - (Andre, luck, fataL, ben0, ritch)
Zboard - (HenryG, shab, fataL, ben0, ritch)
dRagonality - (rootbeer, tyron, shift, jIMMy, cozman, ritch)
Audacious - (url, Challenger, sp00n, steg, ritch)
Reason - (HenryG, url, jon0o, shift, ritch)
Reason - (HenryG, url, jon0o, Hughsy, ritch)
4Kings - (HenryG, url, jon0o, Hughsy, ritch)
Reason - (c0bain, warclown, jIMMy, hudzG, ritch)
cotch - (wEZ, wilzOOO, rossaR, Mx, ritch)
London MiNT - (hudzG, Hughsy, HenryG, url, ritch)
Crack Clan - (Hughsy, HaZ, Mx, beta, ritch)
POWER - (HenryG, hudzG, Re1ease, wilzOOO, ritch)
FMTOXIC - (mOE, weber, FrankstaH, nayden, ritch)

Frag Movie Appearances;

UK & Ireland Source Scene Movie 2
UK & Ireland Source Scene Movie 3
Royalty For A Reason
Source Generation
Enemydown.co.uk EuroKreig Movie Week 1
Enemydown.co.uk EuroKreig Movie Week 2
Enemydown.co.uk EuroKreig Movie Week 3

Countries I've visited for gaming;

LAN79, Bressuire, France
SLAP Live #13, Denmark
Los Angeles, Championship Gaming Series, USA


In Game:

~ Resolution: 640x480
~ Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
~ Crosshairsize: 2
~ Spreadscale: 0.5
~ Dynamic: 0
~ Model Detail: Low
~ Texture Detail: Low
~ Shader Detail: Low
~ Water Detail: Simple Reflections
~ Shadow Detail: High
~ Color Correction: Disabled
~ Antialiasing Mode: None
~ Filtering Mode: Bilinear
~ Wait For Vertical Sync: Disabled
~ High Dynamic Range: None
~ Multicore Rendering: Enabled
~ mat_dxlevel 81

Mouse: (Steelseries Xai)

~ Sensitivity: 1.46
~ Drivers: None
~ CPL Mouse Fix: No
~ Windows Sensitivity: 5/11
~ DPI: 400
~ Mouse Hz: 500
~ Enhanced Pointer Precision: No
~ Launch: -console -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -freq 120

Look, them man are jokers, them man are fake, them man are hopeless, them man are waste.

Player: HaZ
CS Version: 1.6
Tournament: Alienware Gadget Show
Food: Chicken
Music: Grime
Song: It's Benny
Actor: Michael C Hall
TV Series: Dexter, Entourage, Californication
Movie: Scream
Mouse: Steelseries Xai
Mousepad: QcK+
Headphones: Steelseries Siberias V2
Cpu: Intel i5-2500k Sandybridge @ 4.4
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67-M PRO
Memory: Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Monitor: Viewsonic VX2268WM 22" 120 Hz
Storage: Western Digital 750 GB
Graphicscard: 1 GB EVGA GTX 460
Soundcard: Steelseries USB
Connection: 8 MB

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sup m8!
Monkey Dumbfuck Shithead Niggger
Reported the very post that took you down. Now I see how you look irl and understand perfectly. You should have just told me you were a fugly juicehead and i wouldn't bother. I gave you too much attention. Nice lifestyle you find yourself into, how is it treating you irl? pathetic...
yupppp.. living zee dream =[
im jolly good. Still living in the wonderful lincolnshire?

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