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Personal Information
Nick: lurppis
Name: Tomi

Age: 29
Country: Finland

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Blog count: 26
Last activity: 2017-04-29 05:17
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- Captain for Team Finland (ClanBase/ESL Nations Cup)
- Nominated for Northern Europe Player of the Year 2009
- Joining EG ranked #1 CS Player Transfer of 2009 by HLTV.org
- Voted into various All Stars games (GameGune 2007, IEM II Global Finals, ESEA-I S5, Valve CS:GO Showmatch, etc.)
- Team ranked best in the world in 2007 (69N-28E per Thorin)


Written content: [email protected]
Audio content: https://soundcloud.com/lurppis
Commentary: www.twitter.com/lurppis_


2010 WCG Nordic Finals, Helsinki
2011 IEM V World Finals, Hannover
2012 IEM VI World Finals, Hannover
2012 DreamHack Winter, Jönköping
2013 DreamHack Summer, Jönköping
2013 DreamHack Winter, Jönköping
2014 DreamHack Invitational, Stockholm
2014 DreamHack Summer, Jönköping
2014 ASUS ROG Summer, Helsinki
2014 FACEIT League Season 2 Finals, Milan
2015 FACEIT Stage 3 Final day, London
2016 ASUS ROG Winter, Helsinki
2016 ECS Season 1 Finals, London
2016 ASUS ROG Summer, Helsinki
2016 ECS Season 2 Finals, Anaheim
2017 DreamHack Open, Leipzig


2012 Areena #1 by SteelSeries, Helsinki
2012 Areena #2 by ROCCAT, Helsinki
2013 Areena #3 by SteelSeries, Helsinki
2014 Areena #4 by SteelSeries, Helsinki
2014 Areena #5 by ROCCAT, Helsinki
2014 Areena #6 by ROCCAT, Helsinki
2015 ASUS ROG Winter, Helsinki

Team History:

2004-2006 wings / Serious Gaming
(barrack, Kuppi, lurppis, naSu, Shiri, toNppa...)

2006-2009 hoorai / 69N-28E / roccat
(contE, lurppis, naSu, natu, plastE, ruuit, toNppa...)

2009-2010 Evil Geniuses
(dboorN, fRoD, goodfornothing, lurppis, n0thing, Storm, Warden)

2011-2012 paistit / WinFakt
(allu, aslak, BASiC, jigetus, lurppis, naSu, plastE...)

Playing Career:

2004 1st Solid Gaming, Helsinki (rd)
2004 13-16th TiltGames II, Helsinki (mixteam)
2004 4th Decem, Espoo (mixteam)
2004 3-5th WCG Qualifier, Jonkoping (kopla)
2004 4th Assembly, Helsinki (wings)
2004 4th Pelit LAN, Tampere (wings)
2004 1st HykoLAN, Hyvinkaa (wings)
2004 5-6th MindTrekLAN, Tampere (wings)
2004 1st Lamerfest 6, Vantaa (wings)
2004 1st Peliklubi Aztec, Espoo (wings)
2005 5-6th FESL Season II Finals, Helsinki (wings)
2005 5-6th Colosseum, Hyvinkaa (wings)
2005 1st CPL World Tour Qualifier, Barcelona (wings)
2005 9-12th CPL World Tour, Barcelona (wings)
2005 5-6th RixHack, Gothenburg (wings)
2005 3-4th ACON5 Nordic Pre-Qualifier, Stockholm (wings)
2005 5-8th ACON5 Nordic Qualifier, Stockholm (wings)
2005 13-16th CPL World Tour, Rio de Janeiro (wings)
2005 1st DreamHack Summer, Jönköping (wings)
2005 3-4th WCG Qualifier, Helsinki (wings)
2005 1st WEG Season 3 Qualifier, Stockholm (wings)
2005 1st Gambit, Salo (mixteam)
2005 5-8th WEG Season 3, Seoul (serious)
2005 17-24th CPL Winter, Dallas (serious)
2006 1st Decem Winter, Espoo (mixteam)
2006 1st Game Scene Cup Finals, Helsinki (mixteam)
2006 3rd shgOpen, Fredericia (serious)
2006 1st HykoLAN, Hyvinkaa (mixteam)
2006 1st NetGamez A, Nieuwegein (serious)
2006 2nd ESWC Qualifier, Helsinki (serious)
2006 2nd Decem Summer, Espoo (mixteam)
2006 7-8th WSVG Sweden, Jonkoping (serious)
2006 4th GameGune, Bilbao (hoorai)
2006 1st KODE5 Qualifier, Bilbao (hoorai)
2006 1st WCG Qualifier, Helsinki (hoorai)
2006 3rd KODE5, Beijing (hoorai)
2006 2nd WSVG UK, London (hoorai)
2006 3rd WCG, Monza (hoorai)
2006 3rd CPL Nordic, Jönköping (69N-28E)
2006 Lost Virtus.pro Showmatch, St. Petersburg (69N-28E)
2006 5-6th Pre-CPL Lethal Gamers, Dallas (69N-28E)
2006 7th CPL Winter, Dallas (69N-28E)
2007 1st Decem Winter, Espoo (mixteam)
2007 7-8th shgOpen, Copenhagen (69N-28E)
2007 1st Lamerfest, Vantaa (mixteam)
2007 4th Samsung Euro Championship, Hannover (69N-28E)
2007 1st NGL ONE II Finals, Berlin (69N-28E)
2007 1st Assembly Winter, Tampere (69N-28E)
2007 1st Lahti Area Network, Lahti (mixteam)
2007 1st ASUS Spring, Moscow (69N-28E)
2007 1st Guru LAN, Lahti (mixteam)
2007 1st WSVG Louisville (69N-28E)
2007 5-8th ESWC, Paris (69N-28E)
2007 9-12th GameGune, Bilbao (69N-28E)
2007 1st WCG Qualifier, Helsinki (69N-28E)
2007 N/A Games Convention, Leipzig (roccat)
2007 9-12th Intel Challenge Cup, Moscow (roccat)
2007 5-8th WCG, Seattle (roccat)
2007 3rd IEM II Global Challenge, Los Angeles (roccat)
2007 1st KODE5 Qualifier, Helsinki (roccat)
2007 5-6th ASUS Autumn, Moscow (mixteam)
2007 5-6th DreamHack Winter, Jonkoping (roccat)
2007 1st Rendezvous 27, Skövde (mixteam)
2008 2nd NGL ONE IV Finals, Berlin (roccat)
2008 2nd Hazard 25, Stockholm (mixteam)
2008 9-12th Samsung Euro Championship, Hannover (roccat)
2008 5-6th IEM II Finals, Hannover (roccat)
2008 1st Assembly Winter, Tampere (roccat)
2008 9-16th DTS Cup, Dnipropetrovsk (roccat)
2008 1st Lamerfest, Vantaa (mixteam)
2008 Lost Virtus.pro Showmatch, St. Petersburg (roccat)
2008 5-8th KODE5, Moscow (roccat)
2008 2nd DreamHack Qualifier, Helsinki (excello stand-in)
2008 9-12th ESWC Masters, Paris (excello stand-in)
2008 3rd WCG Qualifier, Helsinki (4K)
2008 1st Solid Tricular, Helsinki (mixteam)
2008 1st Insomnia X, Pori (mixteam)
2008 1st Lamerfest X, Vantaa (mixteam)
2008 7-8th Rekrut Open, Moscow (GamePlay)
2009 1st Assembly Winter, Tampere (ex-GamePlay)
2009 7th IEM III Europe Finals, Hannover (Crack Clan)
2009 7-8th IEM III World Finals, Hannover (Crack Clan)
2009 1st IOL Season 3 Finals, Stockholm (Crack Clan)
2009 3rd KODE5 Qualifier, Zaragoza (Crack Clan)
2009 5-8th ESWC Masters 2009, Cheonan (EG)
2009 9-16th KODE5, Moscow (EG)
2009 N/A WCG Invitational, New York (EG - coach)
2009 1st Lethal Gamers May, Dallas (mixteam)
2009 4th DreamHack Summer, Jonkoping (EG)
2009 1st Lethal Gamers June, Dallas (mixteam)
2009 4th Lethal Gamers Draft July, Dallas (mixteam)
2009 3rd WCG Quiver Shoot-out, New York (EG)
2009 1st Pre-ESEA Lethal Gamers, Dallas (EG)
2009 1st ESEA Invite Season 3 Finals, Dallas (EG)
2009 1st GameGune Mexico, Mexico City (EG)
2009 N/A WCG Qualifier, New York (EG - coach)
2009 5-8th IEM IV Global Challenge, Chengdu (EG)
2009 2nd Solid X: Vaultparty, Helsinki (mixteam)
2009 3rd ESEA Invite Season 4 Finals, Dallas (EG)
2009 N/A WCG, Chengdu (EG - coach)
2009 5-8th DreamHack Winter, Jonkoping (EG)
2009 3rd Arbalet Cup Europe, Stockholm (EG)
2009 1st IEM IV America Finals, Edmonton (EG)
2010 1st Lethal Gamers January, Dallas (mixteam)
2010 4th IEM IV World Finals, Hannover (EG)
2010 1st ESEA Invite Season 5 Finals, Dallas (EG)
2010 9-12th Arbalet Cup Europe, Stockholm (EG)
2010 1st Lethal Gamers Draft June, Dallas (mixteam)
2010 1st WCG Quiver Shoot-out 2, New York (EG)
2010 9-16th ESWC, Paris (EG)
2010 1st Pre-ESEA Lethal Gamers, Dallas (EG)
2010 1st ESEA Invite Season 6 Finals, Dallas (EG)
2010 3rd Arbalet Cup Dallas (EG)
2010 1st MSI Beat It, Beijing (EG)
2010 N/A WCG Qualifier, Los Angeles (EG - coach)
2010 N/A WCG, Los Angeles (EG - coach)
2010 2nd IEM V America Finals, New York (EG)
2010 5-6th WEM, Hangzhou (EG)
2010 1st ESEA Invite Season 7 Finals, Dallas (EG)
2011 17-24th ASUS Winter, Kiev (PG)
2011 1st Digifest Solaris, Tallinn (PG)
2011 5-6th ICSC Season 8 Finals, Kiev (paistit)
2011 5-6th e-Stars, Seoul (WinFakt)
2011 3rd IEM VI Global Challenge, Guangzhou (WinFakt)
2011 3rd Samsung Euro Championship, Warsaw (WinFakt)
2011 2nd IEM VI Global Challenge, New York (WinFakt)
2011 5-8th ESWC 2011, Paris (WinFakt)
2011 1st Digifest Fall, Tallinn (WinFakt)
2011 6th MSI Beat It Russia, Kiev (WinFakt)
2012 1st LanTrek, Tampere (WinFakt)
2012 5-6th IEM VI Global Challenge, Kiev (WinFakt)
2012 1st FireCore 3, London (WinFakt)
2012 7-8th IEM VI World Finals, Hannover (WinFakt)
2012 2nd AEC Qualifier, Kuala Lumpur (Karnal stand-in)
2012 4th Areena #1, Helsinki (mixteam)
2012 1st AEC Pre-Qualifier, Singapore (mixteam)
2012 1st AEC Qualifier, Singapore (mixteam)
2012 2nd Asia E-Sports Cup, Tokyo (mixteam)
2012 5-6th Areena #2, Helsinki (mixteam)
2012 1st The Encounter, Vaasa (mixteam)
2012 2nd ASUS Final Battle of the Year, Kiev (paistit)
2013 1st ESEA Invite Season 13 Finals, Dallas (mixteam)
2014 1st Areena #5, Helsinki (mixteam)
2014 5th Areena #6, Helsinki (mixteam)
2016 5-8th LanTrek, Tampere (mixteam)
2017 9-12th Assembly Winter, Helsinki (mixteam)

Career team winnings exceed $355,000 USD

Mouse: SteelSeries Kinzu
Mousepad: SteelSeries NP+

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