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Nick: UseYourBrain
Name: smthsmwrsmone

Age: 20
Country: Russia

Email: Hidden


Clan: in memory of cyx

Userid: 354972
Comments: 7228
Profile hits: 7683
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Last activity: 2016-12-10 22:58
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I am half-Russian, half-French guy, living in the best city in the world Saint Petersburg.
I am really asocial and sociophobic person. (I hate 99% of people).
Speaking Russian, Ukrainian, English, French and a bit of German.
Love literature, poems, films, history, philosophy, some kind of art and music.
I am NOT gay. I already had few girlfriends and even sex! (with women).
I dont play cs anymore (ex cs 1.6 semi-pro)
I hate a lot of things, so I cant count them here, the list is almost endless.
And I think we live in a shitty world with retarded and shit people.
Please dont make kids, lets make Earth great again!

So why did I register on HLTV? hm...because its funny.

Player: markeloff,starix,z1,MODDII,NEO
Clan: WeMade FOX,mTw,mousesports
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: Natus Vincere vs Frag eXecutors IEM V WC
Tournament: IEM VI Kiev
Book: Crime and Punishment. F.M. Dostoevsky
Food: MCD,pizza
Song: Citizen Cope-Let The Drummer Kick It
Actor: James McAvoy, Dakota Fanning
TV Series: The Sopranos
Movie: The Filth, Trainspotting
Mouse: zowie ec2-a
Mousepad: ss qck+
Headphones: HyperX Cloud II
Cpu: i5 6600 (NOT K)
Memory: 8gb HyperX Fury DDR4
Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z
Graphicscard: NVidia GTX 960 2 GB TURBO

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you are fucking retard, you want to kill your nation and stay alive. get banned already, hitler wannabe
because I am the best half-slav ever Lived. full slavs = scums, me = best half-slav
dolboeb ebaniy koroche, zdoxni
you want to kill your nation and stay alive? rofl
"also we should kill all subhumans aka,slavs." rofl, why you don't kys if you're subhuman?

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