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MaXRisK - Fan of HLTV.org Stupid Kids | Profile | Blogs
Personal Information
Nick: MaXRisK - Fan of..
Name: Soufiane

Age: 32
Country: Ukraine
Location: Kyyiv

Email: Hidden

Occupation: Logos Conceptor..


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Last activity: 2014-09-03 10:12
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Playing games since childhood and playing CS:1.6 since June 2006 :D
For those who needs a good TEAM LOGO, contact me via a PM, i can help ;)

Player: MaXRisK - f0rest - SpawN - Karrigan - cArn - Markeloff - NEO - Edward - face - Starix - n0thing - Lurppis - aslak - dennis
Clan: I support many clans such as : Golden5 - fnatic - Na'Vi - SK - SultanZ
CS Version: CS:1.6 > All
CS Match: All CS:1.6 Matchs
Tournament: All CS:1.6 Tournaments
Book: Holly Qu'ran (Muslim And Proud)
Food: Pizza - Moroccan Ha'shish (Brain Food)
Gadget: Swiss-Knife - Condoms :D
Music: Guitare Heroes - Classic Guitare - Blues
Song: Against all odds - Phil collins
Actor: AlPacino - Willem Dafoe - Robert Downey Jr - Jason Stattham And many many more
TV Series: VGHS - Strike Back - Spartacus - The Walking Dead - Vikings - StarGate
Movie: Mousesports : Ready Willing and Able - The Lord Of The Ring - Matrix - Heat And many many more
Mouse: SteelSeries SENSEI.RAW (Rubberised Surface) - Microsoft 1.1 (IntelliEye Mouse)
Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK/Medium BlackOps II Orange Soldier - MADCATZ G.L.I.D.E.7/XL - Counter-Strike: Source/Medium
Headphones: TRITTON AX720 DolbyDigital ProLogic II
Motherboard: Intel (ASUS)
Soundcard: SoundMax HD (ASUS)
Connection: DSL 10MB

Latest Guestbook entries
i got one new csgo dm :D check it youtube.com/triger95
I got a shit computer i admit it, but i can still pown you, little bugs ;) . . . . Badass :p
xD I am not from USA bro. I am from India currently working in USA. :) Yea, i hate these idiot sAucers. :D

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