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Try uninstalling GeForce Experience, I have heard recently that removing it has helped a lot of people with frame rate issues, haven't tested for our particular issue though. Good luck
Hey man, did u happen to resolve your issue? I have the exact same problems with a 4790k and 970gtx. Exact same fps drops that go down to like sub 70 for just a slight moment, happens very often so it ruins the otherwise smooth gAmeplay..
bleh, I'll keep trying things as well
I've just been dealing with it as I have not been in the competitive scene in years so it hasn't been a priority to figure out, just to fill out all of my specs, I use an Intel board, 8GB GSkill RAM, and a GTX 670. But EXACT issue as you, I should mention I use (an extremely strong Asus router) wifi to connect to the internet. I do not use an AVS. Hope someone can help you! Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone in this
I have the exact same issue as you, judging from your specs we have the same CPU (3770k) SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) and OS (Windows 8.1)

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