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Personal Information
Nick: stich
Name: Michal Malachows..

Age: 24
Country: Poland
Location: Ar-Raqqah, Syria

Email: Hidden

Occupation: News staff


Userid: 373971
Comments: 2786
Profile hits: 20108
Blog count: 0
Last activity: 2016-02-09 04:05
Added friends: 1
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Events Attended:
- Washington D.C. LAN January 2015 - Washington, D.C.
- ESWC July 2015 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- WinOut Last Chance Qualifier :D www.hltv.org/?pageid=181&eventid=1924 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- CEVO-P Season 8 Finals November 2015 - Columbus, Ohio
- iBUYPOWER Cup November 2015 - Santa Ana, California
- RGN Pro Series Championship November 2015 - Santa Ana, California
- IEM San Jose November 2015 - San Jose, California

I write articles meticulously.

I also am a fan of speedrunning and especially surfing (:trofleb1:) so you may see me around those scenes.

Previous experience includes writing for ESPlanet, ESEA News, Luminosity Gaming, and PC Gamer.

Feel free to throw me a follow if you feel inclined:



Player: Snax
Clan: Anxiety Pack
CS Version: CS:GO
CS Match: VP vs. NiP Katowice
Tournament: CPL 2005
Book: The Infinity of Lists, Al-Muqadimmah, Portrait of the Artist, Lord Byron's poems, On the Road, The Works of Arthur Rimbaud
Food: Rosól, cheese, and bread! :D All sweet things are bad for you.
Gadget: Pen & Paper
Music: Vaporwave and hip-hop samples
Song: Carmen Rizzo & Huun Huur Tu - Mother Taiga
Actor: My dad
TV Series: LOST, Code Geass, Downton Abbey, Cowboy Bebop
Movie: Sad movies, i.e. Leviathan
Mouse: Steelseries Rival
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK Heavy
Headphones: Hyperx Cloud II
Cpu: i7
Motherboard: MSI laptop
Memory: 24 GB RAM
Monitor: BenQ XL2430T via Mini DP connection
Storage: 1 TB + 120 GB SSD
Graphicscard: GTX 770M
Soundcard: ??
Connection: Based fiber optic net

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the most retarded toilet cleaner, so low he has to clean isis toilets

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