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Nick: stich
Name: Michal Malachows..

Age: 23
Country: Poland
Location: Ar-Raqqah

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Occupation: News staff


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You may know me as that writer who occasionally forgets he is not writing a novel anymore and uses a complicated word in a news post. But in truth, I just want to do something similar to everyone else here, which is spread CS to a wider audience.

Previous experience includes writing for ESPlanet and ESEA News.

Feel free to throw me a follow if you feel inclined:

Player: Happy
Clan: Anxiety Pack
CS Version: CS:GO
CS Match: VP vs. NiP Katowice
Tournament: CPL 2005
Book: The Infinity of Lists, Al-Muqadimmah, Portrait of the Artist, Lord Byron's poems, On the Road
Food: Rosól, cheese, and bread! :D All sweet things are bad for you.
Gadget: Pen & Paper
Music: Vaporwave and hip-hop samples
Song: Mongolian throat singing
Actor: My dad
TV Series: LOST, Code Geass, Downton Abbey
Movie: Sad movies
Mouse: Steelseries Rival
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK Heavy
Headphones: Steelseries Diablo
Cpu: i7
Motherboard: MSI laptop
Memory: 24 GB RAM
Monitor: 60 hz laptop monitor :(
Storage: 1 TB + 120 GB SSD
Graphicscard: GTX 770M
Soundcard: Lots of bass
Connection: Based fiber optic net

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the BEST writer on HLTV - just because you use fancy words like ''hindmost''.
Hi, someone tried to brute force my HLTV Account PW and now i cant access my old account anymore what do? Can you add me on Steam or something. My ID is on my KZ Server post: 9991-kz-server-eu :copter:
stich so commited, online even at 5 AM
can u tell me why i was banned?
ah. In finland we usually say grad student = masters.

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