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Nick: edgg
Name: Mehdi

Age: 19
Country: Tunisia
Location: Mourouj

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Occupation: CS


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So am I, still waitin'
for this world to stop hatin'
can't find out, good reason
can't find hope to believe in.

Player: Markelow
Clan: NaVi
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: NaVi vs Fnatic @GG2012
Tournament: IEM
Food: Pizza
Movie: Warrior
Mouse: Logitech G400
Mousepad: Qck+ SK
Headphones: SS 5Hv2 MOH Edition (Jack)
Cpu: udontwannaknow
Motherboard: udontwannaknow
Memory: udontwannaknow
Monitor: udontwannaknow
Storage: udontwannaknow
Graphicscard: udontwannaknow
Soundcard: udontwannaknow
Connection: udontwannaknow

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sick english
who are u???
could you please tell me who u are? I am getting followed by my own people in my country claims have been made that i have zero tolerance for bullshit or i am going to snap at any minute or whatever :/ I think they might probably kill or end up hitting me :/ tejpal tandon is my real name :( [none of this is lies] they have digged into my personal life my family targeted the people in the suburb i live in :/
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Yes, I'm satisfied with my WD.

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