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Personal Information
Nick: MCG|CrisisCORE
Name: Justin Crankfiel..

Age: 26
Country: Singapore
Location: Bishan

Email: Hidden

Occupation: Hardware Review..

Clan: mulisha kiddd

Userid: 383576
Comments: 2582
Profile hits: 3151
Blog count: 0
Last activity: 2014-12-11 17:49
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I can expect that games in the future will become more and more normal, ordinary, common and boring as they have nothing to do with any special or creative gameplay but the realistic graphics

and kids with low skill and sense of gaming adapt it and worship their fucking realistic games without brain.

Player: MODDII, tacky, TaZ, atLaNtis, aslak, n0thing, Savage, GoodRifle, chrisJ, Wicked, craft1k, fai, GuMmY, YiiKoN, SHOUW, gob b, cash, LeX, BERRY, cogu, ed1k, niko, Sion, KK, bail, Potti, Archi
Clan: fnatic, aAa, kerchNET, MYM, Evil Geniuses, Virtus.pro, Antwerp Aces
CS Version: 1.6
CS Match: ALL
Tournament: DreamHack, IEM, ESWC
Book: Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings
Food: ALL
Gadget: Lumia 1520, HTC One
Music: Dubstep, or any other Remix
Song: Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
Actor: ALL
Movie: Cube series, Wrong Turn Series, The Tournament, Black Hawk Down etc etc
Mouse: Steelseries Kana V2
Mousepad: Not available currently
Headphones: Philips ???
Cpu: Core i3 550
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55
Memory: A-DATA 2GBx2 1333MHz
Monitor: LG L1753S for CS, Samsung BX2231
Storage: Seagate Barracuda.12 1TB
Graphicscard: PowerColor HD 5770 1GB GDDR5
Soundcard: Realtek Integrated
Connection: StarHub 300Mbps Fibre Broadband

Latest Guestbook entries
Yes I'm still playing CSGO, infact alot..
hello there, is there any csp server in Singapore, looks like there will be no CSP server in my country since 1.6 still kinda alive here, i've played CSP in many USA and Europe servers and the predictions did it's job well but still 230 ping is annoying :(
Yea man, i've tried it. it's awesome and promising. btw i will be setting up csp online server for my local friends. but i always go to play in china csp server. 200 is nothing and smooth :)
u're trying to make sarcastic comments all the time right??believe me, most of them fail to sound like one...........
stop trying to be sarcastic menn cuz u dont sound sarcastic.sory! :))

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