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Nick: Tgwri1s
Name: Petar Milovanovi..

Age: 27
Country: Serbia
Location: Belgrade

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Occupation: Employee


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About me

I've been in since February 2010, and in time it has become my primary job.

Nowadays I run our coverage, travel to events, take photos, do interviews and many other little things on and around the website.

Events I've been to:

2010 ' ESWC (Paris, France)

2011 ' WGF (Bijelo Polje, Montenegro)
2011 ' Adepto BH Open (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
2011 ' GameGune (Bilbao, Spain)
2011 ' ESWC (Paris, France)
2011 ' DreamHack Winter (Jönköping, Sweden)

2012 ' IEM6 World Championship (Hannover, Germany)
2012 ' Copenhagen Games (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2012 ' DreamHack Summer (Jönköping, Sweden)
2012 ' GameGune (Bilbao, Spain)
2012 ' DreamHack Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania)
2012 ' ESWC (Paris, France)
2012 ' DreamHack Winter (Jönköping, Sweden)

2013 ' Mad Catz Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
2013 ' Copenhagen Games (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2013 ' DreamHack Summer (Jönköping, Sweden)
2013 ' EMS One Summer Finals (Cologne, Germany)
2013 ' Prague Challenge (Prague, Czech Republic)
2013 ' DreamHack Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania)
2013 ' EMS One Fall Finals (Cologne, Germany)
2013 ' ESWC (Paris, France)
2013 ' MSI Beat it! (Beijing, China)
2013 ' DreamHack Winter (Jönköping, Sweden)

2014 ' EMS One Katowice (Katowice, Poland)
2014 ' Copenhagen Games (Copenhagen, Denmark)


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U read my msg but didnt reply :( why why why ? U broke my heart . I am shattered . I feel like crying . Please unban me . Pleaseeeee .
Hello bro yesterday i created a thread about cricket being played in my country and after sometime few big bad bois came and started insulting my country and started bullying me so i didnt have any other option other than defending my nation and i did so but after 30-35 minutes my thread was locked till then it was ok but today morning when i came i saw that i have been banned for 1 month i got very upset and cried for 2 hours then my momma said to contact one of the admins and say sorry to you . Please if i have done any mistake forgive me i wont do this again. I promise . Please please
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dude.. you should add me on steam. i might have come up with something to fix the ddos issue. nick bams (i have a turtles avatar)
https://partner.steamgame You can get pretty much any data you want from an server or user.

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