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Nick: xarc
Name: Richard Koncol

Age: 18
Country: Slovakia
Location: Košice

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Occupation: editor, student
Website: http://refresher..


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Done with progaming scene. Focusing on real life, occasionally played Dota at nights, now playing CSGO again. Editor on the biggest lifestyle magazine in CZ/SK, I was also editor on biggest progaming web in CZ/SK,, together with Striker, who is known as editor here on


Player: dsn, GuardiaN, .PhP, pasha, jw good but not best (jw bestest)
Clan: VeryGames, fnatic, Na'Vi, VP
CS Version: any. I like all versions + Dota2 as well
Tournament: DH
Book: Adrian Mole series
Food: pancakes
Gadget: iPhone 4S
Music: everything.
Song: The Weeknd - Twenty Eight
Actor: Charlie Sheen
TV Series: Futurama, House M.D., Two and a Half Men
Movie: Men in Black
Mouse: Kana 1.1
Mousepad: SteelSeries Qck+ Na'Vi
Headphones: SteelSeries 5H v2 White
Cpu: Intel i7 3610QM
Motherboard: Intel
Memory: 8GB
Monitor: Laptop
Graphicscard: nVidia GeForce GT630M 2GB
Soundcard: integrated
Connection: low

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oh! ye with help of some slovakian, i could do it. would be really fun too. people would think im slovak. they think i'm serbian now. :)
skoraj. nekateri ljudje tako mislijo. sem iz slovenije :)
thank you, thank you! nice taste of music ;)
thank you, thank you! nice taste of music ;)

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