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Personal Information
Nick: yoztpetra
Name: yosua petra

Age: 23
Country: Indonesia
Location: Jakarta

MSN: [email protected].
Email: Hidden

Occupation: Student


Userid: 403126
Comments: 9572
Profile hits: 10956
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Last activity: 2017-03-22 21:41
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I'm banned currently

Player: Shoxie
Clan: None
CS Version: 1.6, GO
Gadget: iPod Touch Third Generation
Music: Mostly high resolution J-pop
Song: Hotel California - The Eagles
Mouse: Zowie EC1 500hz 500DPI
Mousepad: Zowie P-rf
Headphones: Superlux HD669, Sennheiser HD201, Hifiman RE-0
Monitor: Preferably CRT, 100hz, currently still using 75hz LCD
Graphicscard: anything that support stable 100fps

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Got to be one of the most intelligent users on the site. +1,000,000
son ofa bitch, silver, enjoy reports pussy
actually im not from singapore bro, i just picked a random country and made this account just to ask you haha..you make me a little more relieved..i know thats a great headphone for music, but i mostly use headphone for cs, but im just scared that this positioning problem will make a bad effect on my performance lol..btw what in ear monitor are you using?LEM?thats cool
bro,can i ask something about headphone?im a cs go player and i was already buying m50x but still shipping..but now that i saw many about problems from other thread and forum that this headphone doesnt work really well for FPS gaming.is that true?is it really bad when hearing footstep and positioning? please reply because if thats true im really regret buying those headphone..thanks bro

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