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Nick: yoztpetra
Name: yosua petra

Age: 21
Country: Indonesia
Location: Jakarta

MSN: [email protected].
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Occupation: Student


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Spending tooooooo much time roaming on hltv.org replying stuff.

Player: Shoxie
Clan: None
CS Version: 1.6, GO
Gadget: iPod Touch Third Generation
Music: Mostly high resolution J-pop
Song: Hotel California - The Eagles
Mouse: Zowie EC1 500hz 500DPI
Mousepad: Zowie P-rf
Headphones: Superlux HD669, Sennheiser HD201, Hifiman RE-0
Monitor: Preferably CRT, 100hz, currently still using 75hz LCD
Graphicscard: anything that support stable 100fps

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Yeah... anyway thanks for taking my side. It feels like even if some people gets our point the effort was worth it. :)
phew... it feels like we are fighting an unbeatable force of ignorants, isn't it? :D
Hi bro, r u playing CS:GO recently?
If you're actually feeling disturbed, speaking from personal experience. You need to break the system/habit. Go on a vacation or just have a changed environment for sometime. You'd be surprised how much that can effect your mood. If youre living alone, go visit your parents. Just go out of your room and if it's the decision of actually going ahead with it is looking hard, just remind yourself that you actually want to get rid of this shitty feeling. Cause if you don't you'll just dig a hole too deep man and trust me it's not easy at all to get out of it.
You have officially trolled the wholte of hltv, i congratulate you.

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