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Personal Information
Nick: yoztpetra
Name: yosua petra

Age: 23
Country: Indonesia
Location: Jakarta

MSN: [email protected].
Email: Hidden

Occupation: Student


Userid: 403126
Comments: 9572
Profile hits: 11036
Blog count: 2
Last activity: 2017-04-25 18:58
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I'm banned currently

Player: Shoxie
Clan: None
CS Version: 1.6, GO
Gadget: iPod Touch Third Generation
Music: Mostly high resolution J-pop
Song: Hotel California - The Eagles
Mouse: Zowie EC1 500hz 500DPI
Mousepad: Zowie P-rf
Headphones: Superlux HD669, Sennheiser HD201, Hifiman RE-0
Monitor: Preferably CRT, 100hz, currently still using 75hz LCD
Graphicscard: anything that support stable 100fps

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actually im not from singapore bro, i just picked a random country and made this account just to ask you haha..you make me a little more relieved..i know thats a great headphone for music, but i mostly use headphone for cs, but im just scared that this positioning problem will make a bad effect on my performance lol..btw what in ear monitor are you using?LEM?thats cool

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