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Nick: yoztpetra
Name: yosua petra

Age: 20
Country: Indonesia
Location: Jakarta

MSN: [email protected].
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Occupation: Student


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Spending tooooooo much time roaming on hltv.org replying stuff.

Player: Shoxie
Clan: None
CS Version: 1.6, GO
Gadget: iPod Touch Third Generation
Music: Mostly high resolution J-pop
Song: Hotel California - The Eagles
Mouse: Zowie EC1 500hz 500DPI
Mousepad: Zowie P-rf
Headphones: Superlux HD669, Sennheiser HD201, Hifiman RE-0
Monitor: Preferably CRT, 100hz, currently still using 75hz LCD
Graphicscard: anything that support stable 100fps

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Hey man, Sorry i'm not active on HLTV. Haha. Wanna add me and we could hit a couple of cs rounds? :P http://steamcommunity.com /id/epiczos/
Why not hd202? :<
vitu nörtti hanki elämä
And how long it takes to burn these cans in? I'm already hear the improvement after 5 hours of listening experience, will it be even better?
Okay mate, appreciate.

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