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Personal Information
Nick: flytwNiP
Name: carlos eduardo

Age: 19
Country: Brazil
Location: sao paulo

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Userid: 405685
Comments: 10386
Profile hits: 10955
Blog count: 1
Last activity: 2016-12-04 15:13
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f0rest is love f0rest is life
nip is love nip is life

Player: f0rest
Clan: NiP-f0rest
CS Version: 1.f0rest6 CSf0restGO
CS Match: f0rest vs eStar
Tournament: f0rest vs all WCG
Book: f0rest in jail, kappa f0rest best player in history
Food: f0rest with cookies
Gadget: f0rest
Music: f0rest ft eminem
Song: f0rest the king
Actor: Patrik f0rest Lindberg
TV Series: f0rest - the adventure man
Movie: f0rest - the legend alive
Mouse: Rival's f0rest
Mousepad: QcK's f0rest
Headphones: f0rest
Cpu: f0rest
Motherboard: f0rest
Memory: f0rest 2009
Monitor: f0resteizo
Storage: f0rest
Graphicscard: f0rest
Soundcard: f0rest
Connection: f0rest

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2015 NiP winnings - Asus Rog. Fnatic winnings - Clutch Con 2015 , IOS Pantamera , ESL One Katowice , Dreamhack Open Tours , Gfinity Masters , Dreamhack Open Summer 2015 , ESL Esea Season 1 , ESL One Cologne , Fragbite Masters , Faceit 2015 , Fragbite Masters season 5 , ESL Esea Season 2. 13-1 Fnatic. 2016. NiP winnings - DH Malmoe. Fnatic - Star Ladder X1V finals , ESL Barcelona , Intel Extreme Masters. 2 years Fnatic 16 - 2 NiP.
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