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Guys you all who are ignoring CS:GO can you move your brain little

If I don't play a game which I dislike (and by this, it usually means a game that feels inferior than every games which I've ever played), that means I'm not using my brain?

and guess that by acting so you are killing FPS in
eSports especially Counter-Strike. Then you will have FPSs like BF3 COD and then it will be late to back time...

I don't fucking care. Who the fuck cares about a fucking eSports? It's not even my fucking mom. Who the fuck cares about saving some franchise called 'Counter-Strike'? It's just a fucking name. I only care about the games I like, and Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of them!

Do you remember how was CS:GO when it launched? they did better things from that time... so give them time they are working and they are not robots :)

They fucking have 1.6 million dollars to be injected to the game's tournament next year. So, don't say fucking non-sense. They should've invested some of it to make the game to be 'the shooter game', and it will cost like what? Not even 10% of it. Either the news about the million dollars tournament is made up by Valve to raise the hype and the amount of players, or Valve is really that retarded that they can't see that their tournament will fail so hard next year.

Player: NEO
Clan: PGS
CS Version: 1.6
Mouse: Razer Abyssus
Mousepad: Razer Mantis Speed Edition
Headphones: Razer Barracuda

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