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Personal Information
Nick: to1nou
Name: Antoine Pirard

Age: 21
Country: Belgium
Location: Liège

MSN: [email protected].
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Userid: 409047
Comments: 1307
Profile hits: 5949
Blog count: 2
Last activity: 2016-12-10 17:39
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LAN Events Attended

Season 2010
5th PlayLan - Charleroi, Belgium (mixteam)
5th PC-Overware - Liège, Belgium (mixteam)

Season 2011
5th Lanforce - Orp-Jauche, Belgium (mixteam)
4th nsLan #4 - Liège, Belgium (mixteam)

Season 2012
1st LanUp #3 - Charleroi, Belgium (BelGeek)

Season 2013
5-6th Cap-Arena #2 - Cappelle-La-Grande, France (BelGeek)
1st Ludus Lan #11 - Lys-Lez-Lannoy, France (iGamerz)
n/a Opale Arena #5 - Oye-Plage, France (mixteam)
3rd FoM #15.1 - Wieze, Belgium (mixteam)
5-6th LanEx #17 - Maubeuge, France (AERA eSports)

Season 2014
2nd Buykey Lan - Maubeuge, France (eXeS)
2nd Gamers Assembly - Poitiers, France (eXeS)
3rd LanEx #18 - Maubeuge, France (mixteam)
4th Cap-Arena #3 - Cappelle-La-Grande, France (mixteam)
2nd Ludus Lan #13 - Lys-Lez-Lannoy, France (mixteam)
5-8th DreamHack Valencia - Valencia, Spain (Platinium)
1st Opale Arena #6 - Oye-Plage, France (Platinium)
1st LanEx #19 - Maubeuge, France (Platinium)
3rd ESWC France - Paris, France (Platinium)
9-24th ESWC World - Paris, France (Platinium)

Season 2015
1st Ultimate Arena #3 - Paris, France (mixteam)
2nd Gamers Assembly - Poitiers, France (LDLC White)
1st Evry Games City - Paris, France (LDLC White)
1st DreamHack Tours BYOC - Tours, France (LDLC White)
5-8th DreamHack Tours Open - Tours, France (LDLC White)
1st ESWC France - Jeumont, France (LDLC White)
9-16th ESWC World - Montreal, Canada (LDLC White)
9-12th The World Championships - Belgrade, Serbia (Team Belgium)
2nd ESWC PGW Open - Paris, France (LDLC White)
2nd Ultimate Arena #8 - Paris, France (mixteam)

Season 2016
7-8th PGL EU Minor - Bucharest, Romania (LDLC White)
1st Assembly Winter - Helsinki, Finland (LDLC White)
7-8th Acer Predator Masters - Krefeld, Germany (LDLC White)
5-6th SugarLAN #4 - Leuven, Belgium (mixteam)
n/a DreamHack Tours BYOC - Tours, France (mixteam)
1st ESL National Championship Summer - Poitiers, France (LDLC)
2nd Formulan - Wasquehal, France (mixteam)
3-4th ESWC France - Paris, France (LDLC)
9-12th WESG Europe - Kiev, Ukraine (Team Belgium)
2nd ESWC World - Paris, France (LDLC)
5-6th PGL EU Minor - Bucharest, Romania (LDLC)


ESL National Championship Winter - Paris, France (LDLC)
ESEA Global Premier Challenge - Burbank, USA (LDLC)

1024x768 , 144hz , size 2, style 4.
sensivity 2, 6/11 windows, 400 dpi

CS Version: CS:GO
Music: Hip-Hop
Mouse: Zowie FK2
Mousepad: Zowie GS-R
Headphones: QPAD QH-90
Cpu: i7 6770k
Motherboard: MSI Z170-P
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb
Monitor: BENQ XL2411Z
Storage: Samsung 750 EVO 1Tb SSD
Graphicscard: MSI 970GTX
Connection: VOO 200 Mbps / 10 Mbps

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Better than Smithhz PogChamp
I gotta say thank u. I've been using you for baits and it's working everytime
d00d do u like the FAKE AGENT?
hi didnt know u were active on hltv. gl with ldlc :D

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