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Nick: Aluminati
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Age: 23
Country: United Kingdom

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ty for visiting my profile mister iluminate
ty be the codes
Hello. You won't believe but we have a huge community with CS:GO players. Indian servers are mostly full and even SEA servers are filled with Indians. We don't have a good team because we do not consider CS:GO as a professional career. The mindsets of people need to be changed. eSports is considered as a taboo in the Indian society. We just play it for fun. Some organisations like SoStronk.com (an indian esports organisation) is going really good - they expanded their servers in India, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong and even Germany! They have an organised client where we can play scrims, pugs and statistics of team and players can be viewed on their website. They also organise tournaments and many of the matches are featured on HLTV also. Facebook groups - yeah, we do have hell lotta CS:GO facebook groups, for trading, betting, general discussion and much more where pro players and normal Indian players are connected to each other. The most popular group has 18K members. Steam groups also many, but I am unaware of. TeamBrutality.in is one of the Pro team's websites. Not sure if CS:GO Pro Gaming is their first job. Sorry, can't TLDR this!
hey huge fan

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