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Name: milton alexandre

Age: 27
Country: Portugal

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Sup, I'm 26 years old, from Portugal.

I played Mohaa, Combat Arms and Chaser, achieved some things in all of them.

Now I mainly play CS:GO and League of Legends.

I'm Global Elite on my main, and SMFC in two smurfs. If you're a decent player (LEM+), speak decent English and you're not immature and if you're looking for people to play with, feel free to add me.

CS Version: CS:GO
CS Match: fnatic vs nip final - Katowice 2015
Tournament: Dreamhack
Food: Italian
Actor: Gerard Butler
TV Series: Friends
Movie: Law Abiding Citizen
Mouse: Steelseries Rival
Mousepad: Steelseries
Headphones: shitty ones
Cpu: i5
Motherboard: Asus
Memory: 6GB
Monitor: Asus
Storage: 500GB
Graphicscard: Geforce GTX 260M
Connection: 40MBS

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/Id/xantiq *
Bro add me on steam and we will talk about thesis when ever u want, but atm its 3 am :p My id tiq
sadly i dont know i had it saved as epicsong5.mp3 , i think i cut it from some kind of epic music mix while ago:c
yeah you should trade them not buy them xD
yes 2 normal keys chroma/standard/bloodhoun d what ever. We use them for giveaways and other projects ^^

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