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Country: Canada

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Player: Ex6TenZ shox bodyy apEX kennyS NBK to1nou ALEX Maniac
Clan: VeryGames / Titan / G2
CS Version: CS:S / CS:GO
CS Match: G2 vs LG @ EPL Finals Bo5
Tournament: ECS finals season 1

Latest Guestbook entries
It's 3-0 in favor of North, and G2 is finally able to buy. shox looks with angst in his eyes towards NBK. NBK and shox has been in this game for years together. They glare at eachother, and both know what's coming. NBK folds his hands into a prayer position, he closes his eyes. shox looks back down at his monitor, and brings up the scoreboard. All life, hope and joy leaves his eyes when his fears are confirmed. Without being able to move, shox hear bodyy say "what's up Richard?" Shox gives bodyy a stare that expresses his concerns, bodyy looks confused. He's young, and still isn't aware of the crisis that is about to hit them. NBK coughs loudly towards bodyy, and gives a quick peak towards the screen. Bodyy looks back, sits for a couple of seconds before it hits him as well. A tear falls from bodyy's left eye, and his hands start shaking. With a cheerful voice KennyS says "Guys, are you ready to win?" No response, only Apex answers and calmly says "Let's do it boys" NBK nudges Apex's shoulder and leans in towards Apex's ear and whisper. When NBK leans back in his seat, Apex is sat absolutely still. The optimism in his eyes quickly turns to hopelessness. Now he is aware. Bodyy whispers softly to his teammates if he can go to the bathroom. He feels sick, and needs to throw up. Shox shakes his head slowly. Bodyy starts crying, and Apex grabs NBK's hand and squeezes it hard. Shox knows that his worst nightmare is about to come true. KennyS is still in a high spirit, and doesn't understand what's going on. SmithZz hands bodyy a brown paper bag to throw up in, he instantly pukes. Shox looks back at the screen, and sees it yet again, the fear of his life. KennyS is currently sitting on $4750, and shox knows what will happen. The freezetime is about to hit 0, and they buy up. Without one word between eachother, and shox see that KennyS is down to $0 SmithZz tells his team that he will go for an early peak with the AWP. The nightmare is real, and shox closes his eyes in terror of what's about to come.
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On HLTV.org there are no 3rd worlders. Respect others if you want to be respected yourself. Bear that in mind.
Such a 3rd worlder
Shox KennyS NBK apEX Ex6tenz. best possible team in france.

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