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Nick: Hell Raiser
Name: Bruh

Age: 16
Country: Ukraine
Location: Lisbon

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how so less body fett?
ur friend is going to the university? if yes, can u talk to him to know if we can find job easily with that degree? plz
yeah it's better to do something that u enjoy and if U enjoy u'll probably be good at it and find a good job btw do U think I should take a geography ( I really enjoy geography dude ) or a Multimedia course at university? I'm thinking to take geography but I fear If I can't find any job because most of the jobs are in public sector and actually the public sector is shittt
the problem of linguistic courses is because it's hard to find a job nowadays :\ :x
I don't get why many people get out of "poor" countries to come to portugal or something like that.. cuz if the people don't have studies they won't have a good life in any other country sad but true nowadays we need a Graduate course if not u'll be f0rever poor and U won't spend vacations outside of home

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