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Personal Information
Nick: projectMT
Name: Martin

Age: 25
Country: Macedonia
Location: Skopje

Email: Hidden

Occupation: photograph


Userid: 431778
Comments: 2112
Profile hits: 4398
Blog count: 0
Last activity: 2017-03-23 17:14
Added friends: 0
Added as friend: 1
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Player: ScreaM,cajunB,shox,kennyS
Clan: Titan,TSM
CS Version: source and cs go
Mouse: SS rival
Mousepad: SS QCK+
Headphones: JVC
Cpu: i5 3570k
Motherboard: MSI z68a-g43 (g3)
Memory: 8gb
Monitor: ASUS 22" 16:10 ratio
Storage: WD Caviar Blue 1TB sata3
Graphicscard: ASUS Strix OC 970 4GB
Connection: 6mbs

Latest Guestbook entries
Well, the thing is that you always hated Na`Vi and you said they will never achieve something like in 1.6, that's why I am wondering about you. :P no offense.
Why you don't say anything about Na`Vi win? Nothing to say because you were wrong? QQ.
nah sry mate probable was my cousin playing never played against you or ever seen you on mm...i think i seen your nick on hltv though :D
My nick was MAJ, MAJZ or KRNG.
yup its my cousin i was legendary eagle master now im legendary eagle :D...im not gonna give him anymore probably he suck he was a good 1.6 player played on lans and stuff.

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