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Nick: TricoN
Name: Anders

Age: 26
Country: Denmark
Location: Aarhus

Email: Hidden

Occupation: Web Integrator


Userid: 5594
Comments: 1008
Profile hits: 8849
Blog count: 2
Last activity: 2015-03-29 01:29
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Latest Events

- Event: Copenhagen Games 2012
- Clan: Visual Gaming (c4ciuM, dual1ty, Eske, n1truz)
- Position: 33-36th (5on5)

- Event: Copenhagen Games 2011
- Clan: Visual Gaming (calz, dual1ty, n1truz, nak)
- Position: 7th (5on5)

- Event: Y2K #18, Bording
- Clan: fallacy (dip, kpe, nak, Solvang)
- Position: 1st (5on5)

- Event: BWS #1, Herning
- Clan: fallacy (dip, eXe, nak, Solvang)
- Position: 17th-20th (5on5)

- Event: Battle IT #5, Aars
- Clan: Jeppes Gay Crew (dual1ty, mMB, n1truz, WINTHER)
- Position: 3rd (5on5)

- Event: ECC #3 - #6, Tilst
- Clan: None
- Position: 1st (1on1)

Latest Dreamteams (Only TOP5)

- Event: Hitbox Arena Championship
- Position: 2nd

- Event: SLTV StarSeries IX
- Position: 1st

- Event: SLTV StarSeries VI
- Position: 1st

- Event: ESWC 2010
- Position: 5th

- Event: DreamHack Summer 2010
- Position: 4th

Player: GeT_RiGhT
Clan: mTw
CS Version: CSGO
CS Match: PGS vs NoA in the ESWC 2007 final
Tournament: ESWC
Book: Donald Duck
Food: Pizza
Music: None, I'm deaf -.-
Song: None, I'm deaf -.-
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
TV Series: Breaking Bad
Movie: Titanic
Mouse: Steelseries Sensei
Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK+ CSGO Edition
Headphones: None, I'm deaf -.-
Cpu: INTEL i5 3570, 3.4GHZ CPU
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LX2
Monitor: BenQ XL2410T @120HZ
Storage: 500GB HARDDISK + 120GB SSD
Graphicscard: ASUS GTX660OC
Soundcard: None, I'm deaf -.-
Connection: 30/10 mbit

Latest Guestbook entries
Hello, my name is Eugene "appen" Eroshenko! I am playing on Starladder in the ProSeries. Here is a link to the team: /team/212105/ Would be great if you could my Twitch channel - Thanks in advance!
No i was just interested because you obviously play CSGO and you are deaf thats why maybe you were just trolling (Ye you never know with the internet) so yeah thanks for the confirmation ^^ i just saw your blogs ill take a look
Wait are you really deaf ?
hey bro how do you do for being always at top on dreamteam? :o I always try to do my best but cant. My best was on place 9 like 2 or 3 years ago on 1.6 haha :( fu envy on you :)
hello, i'm in grand tournament by tunisia online , we are 4 players and we need 1 player ,can u come to play with we this tournament?, just add me steam ID : sebi321

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