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Personal Information
Nick: DJFelpie
Name: cock

Country: Sweden
Location: cock

MSN: cock
Email: Hidden

Occupation: cock


Userid: 789534
Comments: 248
Profile hits: 280
Blog count: 0
Last activity: 2017-04-30 05:16
Added friends: 0
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Player: cock
Clan: cock
CS Version: cock
CS Match: cock
Tournament: cock
Book: cock
Food: cock
Gadget: cock
Music: cock
Song: cock
Actor: cock
TV Series: cock
Movie: cock
Mouse: cock
Mousepad: cock
Headphones: cock
Cpu: cock
Motherboard: cock
Memory: cock
Monitor: cock
Storage: cock
Graphicscard: cock
Soundcard: cock
Connection: cock

Latest Guestbook entries
What an apt response... Completely expected and obviously considering your hideous attitude and manners, I'd say you are a 13 year old kid who acts like a 13 year old kid... Enjoy the ban. You truly deserve to live life outside the cave you live in... Have a good day.
However, your racism is not applicable and thus I have reported your account to Jonathan E... Racism is not a think to so easily trifle with and n-bombing all over the forum is both extremely offensive and incredibly stupid.
I completely agree. I've no mirrors where I live because the sight of me could actually kill me... ;)
signed before you were banned.
RiP in Peps [*]

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