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up transforms into a highly intoxicating (non-addictive) delicious substance upon returning from the 5th Dimension. Stock up now with our Valu-Pak to recieve 3-metric tons of Ketchup, all for the low, low price of your brain, since you're obviously not using it anyway. Then, just wait for technology to "catch-up" (get it, catch-up, Ketchup?)so you can travel to the 5th Dimension like our scientists almost did. (Next Commercial) Get ready fo: Faux's new "reality" TV show, "How Low Can We Go?" It's about six contestants who compete to create the worst, least likely "reality" TV show. The winner not only gets the million-dollar prize, they get the chance to produce the show they created. Remember: if the show sucks, it's their fault, not ours!(Next exciting commercial!)And for all the idiots out there: Try new and improved Dum-B-Gon! Dum-B-Gon stimulates brain activity, making you up to 10 times smarter! Not only that, Dum-B-Gon: stimulates weight loss, cures "any" illness, does simple houshold chores, never leaves the toilet seat up and is the perfect gentle companion for your kids. How can you pass up this revolutionary new product? It's yours for only 3 bi-monthly payments of $3.95 ($3,95,000 on days ending in "y")Don't forget, Dum-B-Gon is practically guaranteed!* (*Not a guarantee) (Next commercial)Have you ever wondered why food sometimes goes bad in your fridge, even if you've only had it a few years? It's because of the "evil little faeries with sharp little teeth." These "faeries" sprinkle your food with highly toxic "age dust" and ruin a perfectly good four-year-old meatloaf. How do you stop them? With our patented "spray". Our "spray" kills over 99.9% of "faeries" (which are much to small to see) Our "spray" also kills most disease causing agents, like rats, or pigeons. WARNING: Leave ou think that the long held belief that Kodak conspired with the JFK assasin(s) is normal. Another article claims that an anitseptic turned a polar bear purple, drawing large crowds of people. I sure hope other zoos won't copy them. Before you know it, we'll have orange alligators, pink tigers and blue lions. School children won't be able to correctly identify the color of a zebra. Random people will think they've gone crazy, after a seemingly innocent visit to the zoo. It's wrong, I tell you. A complete and total degregation of our societies values. What values, you say? The basic moral belief that Polar bears should be WHITE. Unless we spray-painted the snow purple, too. Then it would be okay. As long as the bear blends in, you know? Speaking of animals, there's a cat in California who is a kleptomaniac (likes to steal stuff). He sneaks into neighboring homes, and takes clothing, wrapped christmas presents, and anything he can find. He then leaves them under his owners car. Okay, better leave. I'm back. And I don't really have a topic today. I'm just bored. Sometimes I just do this, you know? Start typing without any idea about what it is I intend to say. Maybe I subconsiously DO know what I'm doing here, but refuse to admit it to myself. Or maybe I am monumentally bored and don't have anything else to do at the moment. Either way, I'm here. You must be pretty bored, too. Otherwise, why on earth (beta, krpto, zkdjf, Planet X, whatever) would you be here? It would make no sense. If you have something better to do, why wouldn't you be doing it right now? I would be. But, maybe that's just the difference between you and me. Yeah. That must be it. Unless you're bored. Then I completly understand. I need to find a topic. Here, topic, topic, topic! Come on, I won't hurt you, I promise! *hides large ax behind back* Come here, topic! Why are you afraid of little ol' me? *sigh* There are no topics anywhere near me. Kinda like me and "Meg" webcomic we are trying to do. It's called Hit-Or-Miss, any topics, plot, etc. are completly accidental and are not the fault/responsibility of the creators. That was sort of a topic, even though it was sort of random. Which is what I do best. Okay, I'm done with that litte commercial. What now...hmmmmm...should I share with you more of my paranoid/delusional conspiracy theories? Or have I been doing that too much lately? Oooooo! I know, I'll start of list of why it's fun/good to be insane/weird! #1You can say or do anything and normal people will agree with you in the hopes that you'll be satisfied, shut up, and go away. Far away. I will show you an example with this completly true stuff that I experienced several years ago. ME: My vicious, psychotic, flesh-eating bunny-rabbit wants to rule the world. RANDOM PERSON: Uh-huh, that's nice. ME: Yeah, but I told her that she'd be a terible ruler. I mean, she traded Asia for a carrot! And she doesn't even LIKE carrots! RANDOM PERSON: You don't say? ME: Yep. She also is the goddess of red jello. RANDOM PERSON: *head explouding from sheer insanity* As you can see, I was a very weird child (this happened in elementary school...uh...except for that head-explouding part). Okay...on to: #2 You can get out of practically anything by saying: a)It's against my religion b)I'm allergic to that. c)I have an extremly irrational fear of that. d)I already did that in a past life and it sucked. e)My psychotic bunny predicted I'd die doing it. Unfortunalty, several of those reasons LEGITAMITLY apply to a certain activity I do every Tuesday, which WILL NOT BE NAMED HERE LEST I GIVE IT POWER OVER ME! I'm allergic to parts of it, have irrational fears about others and I'm pretty sure it's against my Jenny religion...along with eating mashed potatoes, or potatoes of any kind. I'll add that to the FLAMING CHICKENS HANDBOOK. Thou shalt not eat spuds. Hmmmm...time for #3You can obsessive over ANYTHING, and people will think nothing of it. I, personally, am obsessed with, kitties, bunnies, bats, this website, drawing, making intriate little patterns with strings, doing mildly repetitive activities, being weird, apparantly making lists and cheese...and chickens...and flame. Fire is good. Fire is free. Fire is my friend...until it burns me. Then it must die...painfully. And on to:#4You make your friends look normal in comparison. And #5: You can give each of your pets several weird names such as: Ringling-Raison-Bailey-Su zana-Midnight-Schultz, Squirell, Moose, Moose-Moose, Moosey-Moose, Linzey-Moose, Muffin, Squirell-Muffin, Yabby-Doodle, Abby Normal, Wiggle-Baby, Wiggle-Muffin, Witle-Baby, Cheese-Monkey, Muffin-With-Squirell-Juic e, Squirell-With-Muffin Juice, Moosey-Juice, Squirell-Monkey, etc. Now, wasn't that a fun list!? Doesn't that just make you proud to be weird? I should make bumber stickers saying that. Proud to be weird. It'd be cool. Anyway, gotta go! *yawn* I'm back. Last night I was super-charged with lots of sugar and not a lot of sleep. I ended up writing things during the time of night when EVE Ĥā-M&am p;am p;#299;m. Tanzīlu Al-Kitābi Mina Allāhi Al-`Azīzi Al-`Alīmi. Ghāfiri Adh-Dhanbi Wa Qābili At-Tawbi Shadīdi Al-`Iqābi Dhī Aţ-Ţawl i Lā 'Ilāha 'Illā Huwa 'Ilayhi Al-Maşī ru. Mā Yujādilu Fī 'Āyāti Allāhi 'Illā Al-Ladhīna Kafarū Falā Yaghrurka Taqallubuhum Fī Al-Bilādi. Kadhdhabat Qablahum Qawmu Nūĥin Wa Al-'Aĥz&#257 ;bu Min Ba`dihim Wa Hammat Kullu 'Ummatin Birasūlihim Liya'khudhūhu Wa Jādalū Bil-Bāţ ili Liyudĥi&#273 ;ū Bihi Al-Ĥaqqa Fa'akhadhtuhum Fakayfa Kāna `Iqābi. Wa Kadhalika Ĥaqqat Kalimatu Rabbika `Alaá Al-Ladhīna Kafarū 'Annahum 'Aşĥ&am p;am p;#257;bu An-Nāri. Al-Ladhīna Yaĥmilū na Al-`Arsha Wa Man Ĥawlahu Yusabbiĥ&#36 3;na Biĥamdi Rabbihim Wa Yu'uminūna Bihi Wa Yastaghfirūna Lilladhīna 'Āmanū Rabbanā Wasi`ta Kulla Shay'in Raĥmatan Wa `Ilmāan Fāghfir Lilladhīna Tābū Wa Attaba`ū Sabīlaka Wa Qihim `Adhāba Al-Jaĥī mi. Rabbanā Wa 'Adkhilhum Jannāti `Adnin Allatī Wa`adtahum Wa Man Şalaĥa Min 'Ābā'ih im Wa 'Azwājihim Wa Dhurrīy&#257 ;tihim 'Innaka 'Anta Al-`Azīzu Al-Ĥakī mu. Wa Qihimu As-Sayyi'āti Wa Man Taqī As-Sayyi'āti Yawma'idhin Faqad Raĥimtahu Wa Dhalika Huwa Al-Fawzu Al-`Ažīmu. 'Inna Al-Ladhīna Kafarū Yunādawna Lamaqtu Allāhi 'Akbaru Min Maqtikum 'Anfusakum 'Idh Tud`awna 'Ilaá Al-'Īmā ni Fatakfurūna. Qālū Rabbanā 'Amattanā Athnatayni Wa 'Aĥyaytan&#2 57; Athnatayni Fā`tarafn&#2 57; Bidhunūbin&# 257; Fahal 'Ilaá Khurūjin Min Sabīlin. Dhālikum Bi'annahu 'Idhā Du`iya Allāhu Waĥdahu Kafartum Wa 'In Yushrak Bihi Tu'uminū Fālĥukm u Lillāhi Al-`Alīyi Al-Kabīri. Huwa Al-Ladhī Yurīkum 'Āyātih i Wa Yunazzilu Lakum Mina As-Samā'i Rizqāan Wa Mā Yatadhakkaru 'Illā Man Yunību. Fād`ū Allāha Mukhliş&#299 ;na Lahu Ad-Dīna Wa Law Kariha Al-Kāfir&#36 3;na. Rafī`u Ad-Darajāti Dhū Al-`Arshi Yulqī Ar-Rūĥa Min 'Amrihi `Alaá Man Yashā'u Min `Ibādihi Liyundhira Yawma At-Talāqi. Yawma Hum Bārizūn a Lā Yakhfaá `Alaá Allāhi Minhum Shay'un Liman Al-Mulku Al-Yawma Lillāhi Al-Wāĥi di Al-Qahhāri. Al-Yawma Tujzaá Kullu Nafsin Bimā Kasabat Lā Žulma Al-Yawma 'Inna Allāha Sarī`u Al-Ĥisā bi. Wa 'Andhirhum Yawma Al-'Āzifati 'Idhi Al-Qulūbu Ladaá Al-Ĥanā jiri Kāžimīn a Mā Lilžžālim&#2 99;na Min Ĥamīmin Wa Lā Shafī`in Yuţā`u. Ya`lamu Khā'inata Al-'A`yuni Wa Mā Tukhfī Aş-Şud& amp; amp;#363;ru. Wa Allāhu Yaqđī Bil-Ĥaqqi Wa Al-Ladhīna Yad`ūna Min Dūnihi Lā Yaqđūna Bishay'in 'Inna Allāha Huwa As-Samī`u Al-Başī ru. 'Awa Lam Yasīrū Fī Al-'Arđi Fayanžurū Kayfa Kāna `Āqibatu Al-Ladhīna Kānū Min Qablihim Kānū Hum 'Ashadda Minhum Qūwatan Wa 'Āthār& amp; amp;#257;an Fī Al-'Arđi Fa'akhadhahumu Allāhu Bidhunūbihim Wa Mā Kāna Lahum Mini Allāhi Min Wāqin. Dhālika Bi'annahum Kānat Ta'tīhim Rusuluhum Bil-Bayyināti Fakafarū Fa'akhadhahumu Allāhu 'Innahu Qawīyun Shadīdu Al-`Iqābi. Wa Laqad 'Arsalnā Mūsaá Bi'āyāt inā Wa Sulţāni n Mubīnin. 'Ilaá Fir`awna Wa Hāmāna Wa Qārūna Faqālū Sāĥirun Kadhdhābun. Falammā Jā'ahum Bil-Ĥaqqi Min `Indinā Qālū Aqtulū 'Abnā'a Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Ma`ahu Wa Astaĥyū Nisā'ahum Wa Mā Kaydu Al-Kāfir&#29 9;na 'Illā Fī Đalālin . Wa Qāla Fir`awnu Dharūnī 'Aqtul Mūsaá Wa Līad`u Rabbahu 'Innī 'Akhāfu 'An Yubaddila Dīnakum 'Aw 'An Yužhira Fī Al-'Arđi Al-Fasāda. Wa Qāla Mūsaá 'Innī `Udhtu Birabbī Wa Rabbikum Min Kulli Mutakabbirin Lā Yu'uminu Biyawmi Al-Ĥisā bi. Wa Qāla Rajulun Mu'uminun Min 'Āli Fir`awna Yaktumu 'Īmānah u 'Ataqtulūna Rajulāan 'An Yaqūla Rabbiya Allāhu Wa Qad Jā'akum Bil-Bayyināti Min Rabbikum Wa 'In Yaku Kādhibā an Fa`alayhi Kadhibuhu Wa 'In Yaku Şādiq&a mp;a mp;#257;an Yuşibkum Ba`đu Al-Ladhī Ya`idukum 'Inna Allāha Lā Yahdī Man Huwa Musrifun Kadhdhābun. Yā Qawmi Lakumu Al-Mulku Al-Yawma Žāhirīn a Fī Al-'Arđi Faman Yanşurun&#25 7; Min Ba'si Allāhi 'In Jā'anā Qāla Fir`awnu Mā 'Urīkum 'Illā Mā 'Araá Wa Mā 'Ahdīkum 'Illā Sabīla Ar-Rashādi. Wa Qāla Al-Ladhī 'Āmana Yā Qawmi 'Innī 'Akhāfu `Alaykum Mithla Yawmi Al-'Aĥz&#257 ;bi. Mithla Da'bi Qawmi Nūĥin Wa `Ādin Wa Thamūda Wa Al-Ladhīna Min Ba`dihim Wa Mā Allāhu Yurīdu Žulmāan Lil`ibādi. Wa Yāqawmi 'Innī 'Akhāfu `Alaykum Yawma At-Tanādi. Yawma Tuwallūna Mudbirīna Mā Lakum Mina Allāhi Min `Āşimin Wa Man Yuđlili Allāhu Famā Lahu Min Hādin. Wa Laqad Jā'akum Yūsufu Min Qablu Bil-Bayyināti Famā Ziltum Fī Shakkin Mimmā Jā'akum Bihi Ĥattaá 'Idhā Halaka Qultum Lan Yab`atha Allāhu Min Ba`dihi Rasūlāa n Kadhālika Yuđillu Allāhu Man Huwa Musrifun Murtābun. Al-Ladhīna Yujādil&#363 ;na Fī 'Āyāti Allāhi Bighayri Sulţāni n 'Atāhum Kabura Maqtāan `Inda Allāhi Wa `Inda Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Kadhālika Yaţba`u Allāhu `Alaá Kulli Qalbi Mutakabbirin Jabbārin. Wa Qāla Fir`awnu Yā Hāmānu Abni Lī Şarĥ&am p;am p;#257;an La`allī 'Ablughu Al-'Asbāba. 'Asbāba As-Samāw&#25 7;ti Fa'aţţa li`a 'Ilaá 'Ilahi Mūsaá Wa 'Innī La'ažunnuhu Kādhibā an Wa Kadhalika Zuyyina Lifir`awna Sū'u `Amalihi Wa Şudda `Ani As-Sabīli Wa Mā Kaydu Fir`awna 'Illā Fī Tabābin. Wa Qāla Al-Ladhī 'Āmana Yā Qawmi Attabi`ūn&#2 99; 'Ahdikum Sabīla Ar-Rashādi. Yā Qawmi 'Innamā Hadhihi Al-Ĥayā Atu Ad-Dunyā Matā`un Wa 'Inna Al-'Ākhirata Hiya Dāru Al-Qarāri. Man `Amila Sayyi'atan Falā Yujzaá 'Illā Mithlahā Wa Man `Amila Şāli&am p;am p;#293;āan Min Dhakarin 'Aw 'Unthaá Wa Huwa Mu'uminun Fa'ūlā' ika Yadkhulūna Al-Jannata Yurzaqūna Fīhā Bighayri Ĥisābin . Wa Yāqawmi Mā Lī 'Ad`ūkum 'Ilaá An-Najāati Wa Tad`ūnan&#29 9; 'Ilaá An-Nāri. Tad`ūnan&#29 9; Li'kfura Billāhi Wa 'Ushrika Bihi Mā Laysa Lī Bihi `Ilmun Wa 'Anā 'Ad`ūkum 'Ilaá Al-`Azīzi Al-Ghaffāri. Lā Jarama 'Annamā Tad`ūnan&#29 9; 'Ilayhi Laysa Lahu Da`watun Fī Ad-Dunyā Wa Lā Fī Al-'Ākhirati Wa 'Anna Maraddanā 'Ilaá Allāhi Wa 'Anna Al-Musrifīna Hum 'Aşĥ&am p;am p;#257;bu An-Nāri. Fasatadhkurūna Mā 'Aqūlu Lakum Wa 'Ufawwiđu 'Amrī 'Ilaá Allāhi 'Inna Allāha Başīrun Bil-`Ibādi. Fawaqāhu Allāhu Sayyi'āti Mā Makarū Wa Ĥāqa Bi'āli Fir`awna Sū'u Al-`Adhābi. An-Nāru Yu`rađū na `Alayhā Ghudūwā an Wa `Ashīyā an Wa Yawma Taqūmu As-Sā`atu 'Adkhilū 'Āla Fir`awna 'Ashadda Al-`Adhābi. Wa 'Idh Yataĥāj jūna Fī An-Nāri Fayaqūlu Ađ-Đu`a fā'u Lilladhīna Astakbarū 'Innā Kunnā Lakum Taba`āan Fahal 'Antum Mughnūna `Annā Naşīb&a mp;a mp;#257;an Mina An-Nāri. Qāla Al-Ladhīna Astakbarū 'Innā Kullun Fīhā 'Inna Allāha Qad Ĥakama Bayna Al-`Ibādi. Wa Qāla Al-Ladhīna Fī An-Nāri Likhazanati Jahannama Ad`ū Rabbakum Yukhaffif `Annā Yawmāan Mina Al-`Adhābi. Qālū 'Awa Lam Taku Ta'tīkum Rusulukum Bil-Bayyināti Qālū Balaá Qālū Fād`ū Wa Mā Du`ā'u Al-Kāfir&#29 9;na 'Illā Fī Đalālin . 'Innā Lananşuru Rusulanā Wa Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Fī Al-Ĥayā ati Ad-Dunyā Wa Yawma Yaqūmu Al-'Ash/hādu. Yawma Lā Yanfa`u Až-Žālim&#29 9;na Ma`dhiratuhum Wa Lahumu Al-La`natu Wa Lahum Sū'u Ad-Dāri. Wa Laqad 'Ātaynā Mūsaá Al-Hudaá Wa 'Awrathnā Banī 'Isrā'ī la Al-Kitāba. Hudan Wa Dhikraá Li'wlī Al-'Albābi. Fāşbir 'Inna Wa`da Allāhi Ĥaqqun Wa Astaghfir Lidhanbika Wa Sabbiĥ Biĥamdi Rabbika Bil-`Ashīyi Wa Al-'Ibkāri. 'Inna Al-Ladhīna Yujādil&#363 ;na Fī 'Āyāti Allāhi Bighayri Sulţāni n 'Atāhum 'In Fī Şudūrih im 'Illā Kibrun Mā Hum Bibāligh&#29 9;hi Fāsta`idh Billāhi 'Innahu Huwa As-Samī`u Al-Başī ru. Lakhalqu As-Samāw&#25 7;ti Wa Al-'Arđi 'Akbaru Min Khalqi An-Nāsi Wa Lakinna 'Akthara An-Nāsi Lā Ya`lamūna. Wa Mā Yastawī Al-'A`maá Wa Al-Başī ru Wa Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Wa `Amilū Aş-Ş&am p;am p;#257;liĥ&# 257;ti Wa Lā Al-Musī'u Qalīlāa n Mā Tatadhakkarūna. 'Inna As-Sā`ata La'ātiyatun Lā Rayba Fīhā Wa Lakinna 'Akthara An-Nāsi Lā Yu'uminūna. Wa Qāla Rabbukum Ad`ūnī 'Astajib Lakum 'Inna Al-Ladhīna Yastakbirūna `An `Ibādat&#299 ; Sayadkhulūna Jahannama Dākhirī na. Allāhu Al-Ladhī Ja`ala Lakumu Al-Layla Litaskunū Fīhi Wa An-Nahāra Mubşirā an 'Inna Allāha Ladhū Fađlin `Alaá An-Nāsi Wa Lakinna 'Akthara An-Nāsi Lā Yashkurūna. Dhalikumu Allāhu Rabbukum Khāliqu Kulli Shay'in Lā 'Ilāha 'Illā Huwa Fa'annā Tu'ufakūna. Kadhālika Yu'ufaku Al-Ladhīna Kānū Bi'āyāt i Allāhi Yajĥadū na. Allāhu Al-Ladhī Ja`ala Lakumu Al-'Arđa Qarārāa n Wa As-Samā'a Binā'an Wa Şawwarakum Fa'aĥsana Şuwarakum Wa Razaqakum Mina Aţ-Ţayy ibāti Dhalikumu Allāhu Rabbukum Fatabāraka Allāhu Rabbu Al-`Ālam&#29 9;na. Huwa Al-Ĥayyu Lā 'Ilāha 'Illā Huwa Fād`ūhu Mukhliş&#299 ;na Lahu Ad-Dīna Al-Ĥamdu Lillāhi Rabbi Al-`Ālam&#29 9;na. Qul 'Innī Nuhītu 'An 'A`buda Al-Ladhīna Tad`ūna Min Dūni Allāhi Lammā Jā'aniya Al-Bayyinātu Min Rabbī Wa 'Umirtu 'An 'Uslima Lirabbi Al-`Ālam&#29 9;na. Huwa Al-Ladhī Khalaqakum Min Turābin Thumma Min Nuţfatin Thumma Min `Alaqatin Thumma Yukhrijukum Ţiflāan Thumma Litablughū 'Ashuddakum Thumma Litakūn&#363 ; Shuyūkh&#257 ;an Wa Minkum Man Yutawaffaá Min Qablu Wa Litablughū 'Ajalāan Musamman Wa La`allakum Ta`qilūna. Huwa Al-Ladhī Yuĥyī Wa Yumītu Fa'idhā Qađaá 'Amrāan Fa'innamā Yaqūlu Lahu Kun Fayakūnu.food sit in an open, well-venilated spot for a week before eating. And now, back to our featured presentation. Wasn't that semi-entertaining? I bet you wanna go eat some Ketchup covered Dum-B Gon right now, while watching "reality" TV. Just make sure you "spray" your food first. Pathetic, wasn't it? Oh, well. I was bored, and a dilligent reader suggested I make fake commercials, so...therer they are. Happy? Good. I'm leavin', for now. I'm back. And I'm willing to enlighten you, the potentially you-know-what reader. Today, I was checking out some weird news. At one point, I read an article that stated that it had been proven, conclusivly, that Kansas was flatter than the standard pancake. The researches even used highly advanced technololgy to map the surface of a pancake and compare it to documented geology of Kansas. Some people disagree, the director of the Kansas Geological Survey said "I think this is part of a vast breakfast food conspiracy to denigrate Kansas. It's a cheap shot." So...doesn't that make you want to take Kansas' side (I sincerly appologize if you are from Kansas). It just seems extremly weird (and worthy of mentioning) that this semi-important guy from Kansas believes in a "vast breakfast food conspiracy". Makes y 'Alam Taraá 'Ilaá Al-Ladhīna Yujādil&#363 ;na Fī 'Āyāti Allāhi 'Annaá Yuşrafū na. Al-Ladhīna Kadhdhabū Bil-Kitābi Wa Bimā 'Arsalnā Bihi Rusulanā Fasawfa Ya`lamūna. 'Idhi Al-'Aghlālu Fī 'A`nāqihim Wa As-Salāsilu Yusĥabū na. Fī Al-Ĥamī mi Thumma Fī An-Nāri Yusjarūna. Thumma Qīla Lahum 'Ayna Mā Kuntum Tushrikūna. Min Dūni Allāhi Qālū Đallū `Annā Bal Lam Nakun Nad`ū Min Qablu Shay'āan Kadhālika Yuđillu Allāhu Al-Kāfir&#29 9;na. Dhālikum Bimā Kuntum Tafraĥū na Fī Al-'Arđi Bighayri Al-Ĥaqqi Wa Bimā Kuntum Tamraĥū na. Adkhulū 'Abwāba Jahannama Khālidī na Fīhā Fabi'sa Mathwaá Al-Mutakabbirīna . Fāşbir 'Inna Wa`da Allāhi Ĥaqqun Fa'immā Nuriyannaka Ba`đa Al-Ladhī Na`iduhum 'Aw Natawaffayannaka Fa'ilaynā Yurja`ūna. Wa Laqad 'Arsalnā Rusulāan Min Qablika Minhum Man Qaşaşn& amp; amp;#257; `Alayka Wa Minhum Man Lam Naqşuş `Alayka Wa Mā Kāna Lirasūlin 'An Ya'tiya Bi'āyatin 'Illā Bi'idhni Allāhi Fa'idhā Jā'a 'Amru Allāhi Quđiya Bil-Ĥaqqi Wa Khasira Hunālika Al-Mubţil&#3 63;na. Allāhu Al-Ladhī Ja`ala Lakumu Al-'An`ām Litarkabū Minhā Wa Minhā Ta'kulūna. Wa Lakum Fīhā Manāfi`u Wa Litablughū `Alayhā Ĥājatan Fī Şudūrik um Wa `Alayhā Wa `Alaá Al-Fulki Tuĥmalū na. Wa Yurīkum 'Āyātih i Fa'ayya 'Āyāti Allāhi Tunkirūna. 'Afalam Yasīrū Fī Al-'Arđi Fayanžurū Kayfa Kāna `Āqibatu Al-Ladhīna Min Qablihim Kānū 'Akthara Minhum Wa 'Ashadda Qūwatan Wa 'Āthār& amp; amp;#257;an Fī Al-'Arđi Famā 'Aghnaá `Anhum Mā Kānū Yaksibūna. Falammā Jā'at/hum Rusuluhum Bil-Bayyināti Fariĥū Bimā `Indahum Mina Al-`Ilmi Wa Ĥāqa Bihim Mā Kānū Bihi Yastahzi'ūn. Falammā Ra'aw Ba'sanā Qālū 'Āmannā Billāhi Waĥdahu Wa Kafarnā Bimā Kunnā Bihi Mushrikīna. Falam Yaku Yanfa`uhum 'Īmānuh um Lammā Ra'aw Ba'sanā Sunnata Allāhi Allatī Qad Khalat Fī `Ibādihi Wa Khasira Hunālika Al-Kāfir&#36 3;na.
You is perma-banned??? :(
Ultimately a permanent ban was triggered due to your extensive ban history. REKTTTTTTTT
Ultimately a permanent ban was triggered due to your extensive ban history. REKTTTTTTTT
Ultimately a permanent ban was triggered due to your extensive ban history. REKTTTTTTTT

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