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Personal Information
Nick: RuleSKG
Name: Fernando Toledo

Age: 15
Country: Brazil
Location: Sao Paulo

MSN: Multi Sex Networ..
Email: Hidden

Occupation: Favela occupant


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Profile hits: 129
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Last activity: 2017-04-25 17:54
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I have followed pro scene since the rise of LG (classic SK) and I loved watching them destory NA teams online and EU teams at lan. Of course, MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL One Cologne 2016 are tied for first as best major. Let's hope They can make ELEAGUE Major tie for first as well ;). Good luck to everyone except for Cloud9 and NiP. They can suck my brown poonany.

Player: cogu
Clan: Astralis
CS Version: Brazil 1.6
CS Match: SK vs Immortals
Tournament: MLG Columbus '16, ESL One Cologne '16
Book: I cannot read
Food: Muddy water
Gadget: Soccer ball
Music: Jungle House
Song: Sofi Tukker - Drinkee
Actor: Caesar from Planet of the Apes
TV Series: Curious George
Movie: King Kong
Mouse: Yes we have plenty in favela
Mousepad: Yes our home is their pad
Headphones: No we can't afford
Cpu: From Star Wars? No my favorite robot is R2D2
Motherboard: No I do not like my mother's board
Memory: I have no good ones
Monitor: Dell
Storage: We have no room in our house
Graphicscard: Integrated
Soundcard: What is this?
Connection: It's Brazil, you can guess

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stfu monkey pls. go in squad zoo , don`t take faze
Hello my favelian brother. I need your help, and it is urgent. I'm going to tell you my story and hopefully you can help me and other favelians. I was born in a favela in Rio, I don't remember alot about it, I was adopted when i was 2 years old to Norway where my parents helped me out in life, which I am grateful for. All I can remember before I was 2 years old is happy memories, swinging in the local zoo with my friends who I think i called Taco, Coldzera, Fallen, one because he looked like a taco (he was fat), one which was always cold (Coldzera) and one who always fell (Fallen). I miss these times, I don't know what happened to these cheaters (they cheated in Uno). I try to remember these times by using the world favelian or favela, because these were the best time of my life, but sadly HLTV admin does not allow the word favela or favelian, can you please help me out my favelian brother? Help me talk to Jonathan E. and tell him to stop ban favelians like us! We dont use it as offensive, but as a nice experience! Thank you my, favelian brother.

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