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We at HLTV.org strive to bring every bit of competitive Counter-Strike to our community, and while we have great people on the task already, we could always use some more help.

That's why we decided to open up this Jobs page and try to find more people like us who love CS and want to be involved in the scene from the inside.

Paid positions

VOD & Demo section manager

With the growing number of events and matches we've been having a hard time keeping our VOD and demo sections properly updated. That's why we are looking for someone to manage them and keep them up to date every day.


  • decent level of conversational English
  • very high internet upload speed (in order to upload what are nowadays very large demo files)
  • high availability (keeping the section up to date would require working almost every day)

Match coverage

If you already find yourself watching all kinds of CS:GO matches daily, this position is perfect for you. We need more people to bring the matches to our users, and since you're already watching, why not keep the scores up to date, add matches and results on our site?


  • good level of conversational English
  • medium availability
  • paying attention to details
  • high level of knowledge about the scene in your region (previous results, teams, players, events)

We are looking to eventually build a team of people doing this job from more regions, including but not limited to: North America, South America, North Africa, Middle East, CIS, East Asia, Australia and of course Europe.

Social media manager

Know your way around Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? We're looking for a social media manager to help keep our accounts up to date.


  • near-perfect level of written English
  • availability during big events (often weekends)
  • high overall knowledge of the scene
  • previous experience with social media is a bonus

Feature writer

If you like doing written previews, reviews, analysis, interviews or any kind of features and you have excellent knowledge of the CS:GO scene, our site could be the perfect platform to get your thoughts read by the whole world.


  • near-perfect level of written English
  • excellent knowledge of the CS:GO scene and understanding of the game itself
  • experience in this field (showing your previous work will be required)



While the industry has grown over the years and many of us now work here full time, most of us started doing this as volunteers. That's why we think internships are still a great way of finding new talented people who have no previous experience but would like to get a chance.

So if you have no experience, or you miss some of the requirements in one of the jobs listed above or you want to help out in some other ways on our site, you could start at the bottom and prove your worth.

Here are some of the positions we'd consider having interns for:

  • Forum moderator
  • Junior writer
  • Match coverage
  • Highlight movie maker


To apply for any of the Jobs listed above or an internship send an email to [email protected] with a short description of your previous experience, why you want to join us and if required previous examples of your work.