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To keep the forums a place for everyone we need to have a set of ground rules, besides these rules we expect everyone to behave civilized, or they will be removed from the forums.
  • In our forum the only language allowed is english, because that is the language all, or probably most, of you will understand and to be fair, everyone should be able to understand what we are posting.

  • Any abuse of the "italic", "bold", "CAPITAL" or "link" writing-features is forbidden. These functions are here to either highlight a certain passage/word of your post or to generate a link, and for nothing more.

  • The anonymity of the internet is present everywhere, even on this site. But we ask you to be kind and polite to the other users and not to insult them. If you have been insulted by another user, please do not play "kindergarden" and insult him back, just chill, he will get his punishment!

  • Threads containing "who is the best player" / "what is the best whatever" will be locked immediately because these themes have been discussed from heaven to hell and back. Please use the Forum Search function if you have a question relating to this. If you do not find a satisfying answer, feel free to open a thread, mentioning that you didn't find an answer in the forum archive.

  • If you are looking for a clan or for members for your clan, please use the HLTV.org Clan/Member thread.

  • If you wrote a reply, and realize that you made a mistake, or wrote something sensless, please use the "EDIT" button to change your message (only working within 10 minutes after the reply was posted).

  • In case you want to reply to a earlier post, so please use the "REPLY" button, so that the user you replied to knows that you wrote an answer to him / her.
Violating any of these rules will result in either a warning or a ban, depending on severity.