i buy hltv vip

and i want to booking hltv
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Created 2012-03-25 18:25 by: eQUNIX
by: Schypher -
We have a special pool of VIP HLTV servers that run on a separate machine, these servers are first used when all others have been used

Meaning, you'll only get a VIP HLTV if we don't have normal HLTV's available.
2012-03-25 18:34:44
by: MUC
were do u guys have your serveres running?
2012-03-25 18:43:12
by: Schypher -
In Germany, if I remember correctly.
2012-03-25 18:57:18
I believe the Auto Recorder's hostname is also, or is atleast name "VIP Auto-recorder".
2012-03-25 18:36:08

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