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pokerstars playmoney
Does anyone have any extra pokerstars play money chips they don't want/need?
I play sit n goes with my gf's dad and I want to be able to just send him chips when we play tournaments and not have to build are stack up before we can... thank you
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Created 2012-03-31 07:12 by: aaronh
What do you give in return? :p
2012-04-14 02:46:55
depends how much you give :)
2012-04-28 20:03:10
oh you're back after almost 1 month? :D
2012-04-28 20:30:55
haha yes sorry
2012-04-28 22:56:23
lol not trying to buy play money :)
2012-05-06 23:14:30

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