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hltv dont join the server
my autorecorder is not working hltv dont joint hhe server and i dont know why
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Created 2012-05-26 15:39 by: Mavevo
Maybe the server is password protected? :s
2012-05-26 15:49:01
no thats not :( it used to work fine but since yesterday hltv didnt join the server
2012-05-26 15:59:09
same here, stopped working last sunday, sent numerous emails to support but still haven't got a reply
2012-06-17 16:44:26
sv_proxies must be = 1 or higher (if you want more HLTV's)
2012-06-17 16:45:26
have you ever had auto recorder? you input server ip and rcon and it automatically sets the correct values on your server so the hltv can join
2012-06-17 17:27:55

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