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[HOW TO GET?] Voice sounds in HLTV demo
How can i get in-game voice sound in my hltv demos ?
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Created 2012-09-19 17:29 by: feldtz
Teams usually use separate program for those so hardly ever but the US players used to use the game's own comm and you don't really have to do anything to hear them. Except voice_enable

E: sorry I missed the 'hltv' part of the demos, don't know if it's possible

Post edited 2012-09-19 17:34:04
2012-09-19 17:32:55
It is possible. cause when me and my friends are playing we talk in-game. In esea hltv demos you can hear voices...
2012-09-19 17:40:04
i wanna know it too...
2012-09-19 18:02:13

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