CPU or GPU for CS:GO?
What is more important for fps in game CS:GO?

One more question:
CPU 4 x 2.6GHz is much better than 2 x 3.8GHz for CS:GO?

Thanks in advance for answers.
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Created 2012-09-20 18:04 by: micronn
everybody knows that source engine was and still is much more dependent on CPU. Only 1.6 cave players cant google it. Its typical sign of source engine...

Yes cores and speed is important... but more important is architecture...

A X2 BE 5000+ @ 3.2Ghz /4850 - still wasnt getting 100 stable fps in every situation.

C2D E5200 3.2Ghz / 4850 - 150 stable fps cap without any drops...

i5 2500K @4.5Ghz / 7770 - idk, probably like 500 stable fps(with low settings ofc). Point is that source egine is well optimized and even 3 yer old mainstream pc will run it well.

Overall back in days C2D/K8?10? . c2d way way more suitable for source engine. Right now its probably the same since its still more cpu based and its more than obvious that i5/7 will rule against AMD. But at those days u will get 150stable fps with even with any Phenom or whatever.

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2012-09-20 18:14:52
With my specification I can't get stable 100fps on 5on5 match.
Sometimes in action it's less than 100fps.

What should I change CPU or GPU to get more fps?

2012-09-20 18:46:35
Tell us your computer specifications
2012-09-20 18:51:08
I think you should change your cpu, you will need to change the motherboard as well, in order to support the new socket.

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2012-09-20 18:57:34
You mean change to 4 cores?

Check out my first post, I wrote comparison, which one is better?
2012-09-20 18:58:54
E8500 is same architecture as E5200. In fact E5200 have less cache (but it doesnt matter so much in games).

U have OCed it to 3.8Ghz. With ur pc specs i could easily get 200stable fps at css (ofc with low, ive never play any online game on high).

Even that it was in css, it will be most likely very similar in csGO. Its on little bit different version of source engine but it doesnt matter so much. csGO has some support for more core, but again its like with most of other games - not that good.

+ friend of mine has slightly worse pc for GO (q6600 3+Ghz) and he has 100 fps stable. It seems weird i can guaranteed that E8500 is more than enough for 100fps stable in go with lowsettings.

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2012-09-20 19:20:01
Rarely my fps drop below 100 in 5on5 match on map de_nuke_ve, but often I have more than 100fps, in some position even 250fps.

But I don't like this drop under 100fps it's hard to kill someone when it occurs.

Btw. I should change my CPU to Q9550?
I will get more fps with 4 cores processor?

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2012-09-20 21:49:50
As i said csgo has some kind of multicore proccesor, but as most other games its not that good optimized (its not an easy thing to just "add multicore" support).

I rly dont think that upgrade to Q9550 is worth...even if u should be able to probably get more fps... but i cant find any proper test 2vs4 core at same architecture.

4core yes, but if u wanna upgrade then u should buy something from current generation sandy/ivy bridge.

Its all kinda weird cos in past days there are quit lot of people who has some problems with fps at pcs which they shoudnt...id suggest wait, cos if there will be fps configs it can boost fps rly well, just like in source. And if not then buy rather something from current generation than Q9550.

EDIT: do u play on low and 8x6 ?

and what about -heapsize ? Even if some people doesnt recomend it i remember that back in days it rly helped in source.

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2012-09-20 22:03:44
You mean about some "i" generation processors?
It will be better than Q9550?

I play on: 1024x768 but changes in fps are really small when I play on 800x600, even when I put 4x antyaliasing and 2x anisotropic it's still the same fps.

-heapsize what value I should put in, I have 4GB RAM.

2012-09-20 22:21:01
i3's are better than c2quads
2012-09-22 03:43:37
Ok, thanks.
2012-09-22 19:37:29
If I am not mistaken Source engine can utilize up to 2 cores. First 4 core engine was Frostbite. Still most of the applications work in single threaded mode so I would focus on the best performance per clock and the highest frequency for gaming purposes.
2012-11-19 20:04:44
by: veve
IMO your configuration isn't that bad for CS:GO. CS:GO is just broken game...
2012-09-21 02:48:39
Yeah, I know and it's sad.
2012-09-21 12:58:36
That ddr2 400mhz ram is just too slow... If you don't want/cant change your cpu you could get a g41 MoBo, supports up to 8gb ddr3 1066mhz way faster than yours, but if you want a new rig go for it. BTW: Your gpu is great no need to replace
2012-09-22 03:41:58
Ok, I'll change it.
2012-09-22 19:37:17
i5 3450 @ 3.1GHz
GTX550 Ti
8GB 1600MHz

Is it ok to play with good quality graphics?
2012-09-20 22:29:19
Of course.
2012-09-20 22:35:44
Yes it is
2012-09-22 03:44:08
n1 hardware man=)

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2012-09-22 03:49:32
Can u tell me how much fps do u get playing on all maxed settings without vertical sync, and on 1920x1080?
Ive same configuration but different gpu, and I want to get new one, so Id like to know what im going to get.
2013-02-18 01:01:44
I'm not with this computer atm, but next weekend I can tell you that.
2013-02-18 01:14:49
Please, send me an email as soon as possible.
Cuz Ive to buy new gpu asap.
[email protected]
Thank you!
p.s. make sure to play in full hd!
2013-02-19 01:21:14
Don't waste your money on a dead socket (LGA775). Save up 300-400, buy an i5 sandy/ivy bridge, a h77 / z77 mobo, and some nice ram.
2012-09-21 13:07:25
Maybe in some time.
2012-09-22 02:00:20
You don't sound convinced. I'm telling you, it is the best option.
Upgrading your mobo will allow you to use a faster processor, which will make sure you won't have to upgrade for 3 years+. It will also allow you to benefit from SATA3 (hello SSD?) and USB3.0 (maybe some new external hdd?). If you're going Z77/H77 you will also beneift from PCI-E 3.0, that might benefit you in a few years when you upgrade your graphics card.

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2012-09-22 10:51:03
Ok, I will change it to:
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H - 2x DDR3 1600 16GB, SATA3, USB 3.0, PCIEx16 (2), HDMI
Intel Core i3 3220 3.30GHz BOX
Kingston HyperX DDR3 2x4GB 1600MHz XMP X2 CL9 Grey Edition (Sandy Bridge)

Better? :)
2012-09-22 19:36:21
Athlon II X2 270 3,4GHz
Radeon HD6670
8GB ram
good to cs go?
2012-09-22 02:25:35
me: Phenom II x4 840 3.2?
Radeon HD 6670
4GB ram
80-150 fps
2012-09-22 02:40:16
That should be good for GO
2012-10-05 13:15:06
it's not just about numbers. what cpu is it?
2012-09-22 05:03:14
Just lower your in game details and you dont need to buy anything. You dont need 100+ fps to play the game fluently. I have noticed that if fps gets lower than 60 then the game gets sluggish. Before that its all ok.
2012-09-22 07:46:13
i5 2500k - 3.3ghz
asus p8b75-v mobo.
zotac gtx 660 ti amp edition
8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram
will i get 300 fps constant?
my settings - 1024 resolution. video settings medium - high.
2012-09-22 08:12:31
You should get 300fps. If not, try upgrading to the latest nvidia driver (!). If you're still not hitting it, you could always overclock your cpu to something like 4.5ghz (easily, seriously) without gaining too much heat.
2012-09-22 10:52:52
till how many ghz i can overclock my cpu i5 2500k with stock fan.
2012-10-05 10:25:44
That's the "built-in" overclock Intel has... The i5 is capable of overclocking a lot more than that.
2012-11-19 18:17:29
He want max overclocking on stock fan.
2012-11-19 19:00:24
It's still possible to overclock even further than that.. Even on stock fan. Not a whole lot more, but it can be done.
2012-11-19 19:13:44
by: veve
You cant OC with asus p8b75-v MB...
2012-10-05 13:01:58
You don't need to oc
2012-10-05 13:15:46
I don't really recommend overclocking with the stock cooler. Get a Cooler Master hyper 212 evo for 25EUR.

edit:Oh and
So never mind buying that cooler.

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2012-11-19 18:39:53
by: tfg
Ill answer him in polish, dont be angry, okay? Thanks!

http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=14&userid=257352 -> takiego kompa calego zlozysz za max 2100, roznica w cenie procesora mojego, a tego i3, ktorego Ty chcesz, to chyba 100 zl, lepiej doplacic, 4 rdzenie jednak bija te 2 intelowskie na leb, aktualnie przy 1024x768 w cs:go fps nie spada ponizej 210, a w full hd mialem ok. 160 fpsow w akcji
2012-11-19 19:50:11
Depends on the CPU.
Something like a gtx 560ti paired with maybe a 2500k will give you awesome framerates not to mention other games as well.
2012-11-19 20:18:09
FKU cs:go
2013-02-18 01:03:00
hi hater!
2013-02-18 01:14:32

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