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HLTV rates
What rates does hltv.org use on their hltv ?
rate 25000
updaterate 101 ?

Please tell me so i can record with no lag.

And i know that ex_interp 0.2 makes the demo really smooth but it looks like the framerates or something is different if you watch a highlight like this one
And your own.
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Created 2012-12-07 20:00 by: feldtz
rate 3500
updaterate 10
2012-12-07 20:35:32
2012-12-07 20:39:29
Really ? Its that ?
2012-12-07 20:46:33
2012-12-07 20:58:57
You can see informations about rates when you open demo in complexity demo player. If you are asking about settings of moviemakers I can't help you much with that. The smoothest highlights are created from POV demos.
2012-12-07 20:35:54
didn't you go back to source again?
2012-12-07 20:56:36
Yea well me and some friends just started playing some 1.6 for fun ^^.
2012-12-07 23:24:03
in hltv.cfg ?
2012-12-08 22:28:32

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