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hltv gets mocked

steel mocks hltvXXDDDD
(100 replies)
Created 2012-12-16 03:54 by: wmb
sound like a little joke to me,he said it because hltv got a piece of news about mtw wrong
2012-12-16 03:56:57
who cares about those news about mtw, his team hasn't future anyway lol
2012-12-16 04:13:40
he still is a very strong player
2012-12-16 04:23:09
online against nonamers.
2012-12-16 04:38:11
Very strong at lan!
2012-12-16 09:03:48
CSS? what about playing a competitive title?
2012-12-16 14:12:43
So CSS lans wont count and every CSS player is an onliner? Or what are you trying to say..? Cant really figure out whats your point.
2012-12-16 15:14:15
just that all the competition was in 1.6, nothing else.
2012-12-16 15:23:16
Then i guess you never followed source :)
2012-12-16 15:44:59
The CGS was the most competitive a CS title has ever been, no 1.6 tournament can even compare to it.
2012-12-16 16:23:34
2012-12-16 16:30:42
2012-12-16 16:33:28

a bunch of nonamers fighting for a title no one cared about, also that money wasn't only for CSS it was for the other titles as well.

Post edited 2012-12-16 17:30:07
2012-12-16 17:28:45
Lol you're delusional, by FAR the largest competition any CS game has ever had(seriously, what 1.6 league/tournament can compare?), yet somehow "all the competition" was in 1.6 rofl.
2012-12-16 18:45:16
stop wasting your time replying to him. i don't see how a god damn peruvian can have an opinion of anything counter-strike.
2012-12-16 19:12:38
LOL yeah no one cared about CGS. That's why it's still the only CS competition that has been broadcasted on TV and did some great viewers' results.
Source had less competition than 1.6, but it still got the best of all of 'em. 2 editions of a 500K$ TV broadcasted competition, plus local qualifications everywhere in the world, something every 1.6er had dreamt of. Deal with it.
Funny how you always try to lie to make 1.6 look better than it actually does. Must be really frustated

Post edited 2012-12-16 19:04:43
2012-12-16 19:01:44
Why I'll dream to have 1.6 in a fucking championship like CGS? It died after 2 seasons and it eventually killed CSS.
2012-12-16 19:20:40
I think the exact opposite. If CGS didn't pick up source, competitive css would have never existed (the game sucked balls back then, and it was only played by casual players). It brought so many top players/organisations into css, who weren't really interested in source at the begining and who switched because of theCGS and then stayed because they were used to the game.
2012-12-16 19:44:21
CS 1.6: 12 years as the best FPS game
CS:Source: 2 CGS Seasons

Source tournaments peak with 2K spectating finals, 1.6 was near SC2 last year :)

you can believe what you want though, but all of the CGS was accomplished by 1.6, not by CSS, and CSS was only one of games played in the league.

Post edited 2012-12-16 23:14:16
2012-12-16 23:12:32
near sc2? lol
2012-12-16 23:56:12
75k is near to 100k, IEM WC.
2012-12-17 00:04:39
yeah, that's one event. the second highest in viewers was ESWC with 45k(?). IEM isn't even close to being the biggest tournament in SC2. it's also very arguable whether or not all of those 75k tuned in for 1.6, but let's not get into that discussion for the 100th time on this site.

2012-12-17 00:33:46
actually IEM is pretty decent for SC2, MLG and the other NA events are mostly overhyped.

IMHO the only overthetop event in SC2 is still the GSL, the OSL coming close 2nd because of its history.
2012-12-18 00:40:43
You're just a retard. :D
2012-12-17 23:38:55
Funny how every interview of this guy from cadred.org always need to have something pointed to hltv.org ironically. Btw, who is steel anyway? where is mtw in tournaments? Didn't see anywhere.
2012-12-16 04:17:52
he explains everything in the i-view..
2012-12-16 04:33:23
Oh I see. Didn't see the whole thing.
2012-12-16 04:47:12
maybe a guy who win more in css than u will win 4 sure, and a guy who play csgo 10000000x better than u.
2012-12-16 16:25:45
Sorry. CS:S? I see. Than I'm right, he's nobody.
2012-12-16 16:58:30
+1 haha <3
2012-12-16 20:10:12
and you're the pinnacle of 1.6? stfu
2012-12-16 22:25:56
Well played! hahaha
2012-12-16 23:14:42
u know the story.. a beautiful lady is walking on the catwalk, while the ugly fat ones are whispering hatefully.. just ignore those verminss
2012-12-16 14:38:00
Obviously hasn't watched "every interview"..... have you? Considering this was the only interview from Nortcon which mentioned HLTV.

Stop spouting bs?
2012-12-16 23:49:49
haven't seen this video but tbh who is steel in the GO scene? I haven't seen mTw in a single international LAN, lmao.

its like if manne would be mocking fnatic 2012.

Post edited 2012-12-16 04:37:25
2012-12-16 04:37:05
GoMeZ - HLTV.org
me and steel are m8's :)
2012-12-16 05:21:46
Are you proud of yourself?
2012-12-16 07:57:09
2012-12-16 10:21:30
haha this was quite funny
2012-12-16 12:16:46
the fact that you didn't understand the purpose of his comment makes you look retarded.

Post edited 2012-12-16 15:03:20
2012-12-16 15:02:08
not rly
don't be mad
2012-12-16 15:26:07
retard #4

come at me, subhumans.
2012-12-16 15:49:50
2012-12-16 23:55:19
Don't view this video, it's another strategy from cadtards to generate traffic.
2012-12-16 08:43:52
he's right tho.. this forum is filled with retards that you can barely understand. It's a staple of any CS forum really
2012-12-16 08:57:27
It's the same case in LoL Dota2 SC2 smartass.
2012-12-16 09:47:43
what does that have to do with anything? you go around spouting unrelated garbage in every thread or what? Everyone knows MOBA games have atrocious communities. What the fuck does that have to do with this?
2012-12-16 09:54:29
Couldn't agree more Mr. Gotfrag. Jookie?? I remember you :)
2012-12-16 18:29:09
Yep! Sad that it shut down. Remember `eman?! Sad little piece of shit ;(

Post edited 2012-12-16 19:31:53
2012-12-16 19:31:36
Wasn't he the.one that like banned everyone. I remember we had one mod on our side can't remember who exactly. I think it might have been dare devil. But yeah sad indeed :(
2012-12-16 20:24:30
I'm apart of the sc2 scene and this.is.incorrect. the sc2 scene is incredibly professional and mannered. They are by far my favorite community to be apart of. Which I could never say about any other game.
2012-12-16 18:27:47
i see many great users too, but people see what they wanna see
2012-12-16 09:55:40
I know exactly what you mean. While I can accept that for some English may not be their first language, some of the peeps we have are just full on retarded.
2012-12-16 13:10:52
+1 to him
2012-12-16 10:33:34
Pus - HLTV.org
They shared a really cute moment there, though.
2012-12-16 10:49:41
2012-12-16 16:18:01
speaking about mTw-news... seems like nooky - hudzG - Steel - Mx - Rattlesnk will be their new team, troubley revealed that on a german stream.

Post edited 2012-12-16 11:10:16
2012-12-16 11:09:35
Oh dear
2012-12-16 11:48:28
thats gonna be a top5 team!
2012-12-16 11:55:58
any evidence? when did he say that?
2012-12-16 14:39:33
Two days ago at 99Damage-Stream.

VOD: http://www.99damage.de/de/vods/2873-northcon-2012-..
2012-12-16 14:53:21
he only said that mTw will have a really strong line-up next season but he didn't mention rattlesnk or mx?!
2012-12-16 16:44:08
okay, wrong vod... i see... must be one of them after this, sorry. troubley was comod after asmo left teamspeak... the question about a possible future mtw-lineup came from the community and, yeah, troubley played praccs with them and said that the uk-people from ex-mouz.uk will join them.
2012-12-16 17:19:32
but that seems a bit odd in my opinion. i mean mTw is without a full line-up for quite a long time and they might have practiced with a lot of other players so far, who says they don't have completed their line-up already? especially when mouz.uk got only released a week ago or so.. and then why should rattlesnk and mx leave their team when it oviously has so much potential, looking for another org would make much more sense actually.
2012-12-16 17:34:40
the answer ist easy: mTw

which other org got their reputation, a monthly salary and no team? (theres only sk left.)
2012-12-16 19:24:31
you didn't get the point..
mTw won't kick nooky,steel and hudzG and why should rattlesnk and mx leave a working/on form team?
2012-12-16 19:25:55
it would be great
2012-12-16 15:07:56
Omg they mocked us lets chase them after school
2012-12-16 12:13:55
The only steel I know is the ProGaming.TD player
2012-12-16 15:02:40
LOL the low one
2012-12-16 15:07:20
2012-12-16 16:14:05
just the 3rd best player of DH winter :)
2012-12-16 16:31:50
want to compare mTw steel against TD steel? xD
2012-12-16 19:35:14
the only steel attending LANs actually.
2012-12-16 17:32:00
strange steel was at Northcon? That's a LAN.
2012-12-16 23:50:51
he was there as a spectator, so what?

HeatoN also goes to LANs, does that mean that he's still a top player?

Post edited 2012-12-17 00:07:56
2012-12-17 00:07:11
If you watched the interview, he was there as a player partly and played in the BYOC qualifier.
2012-12-17 00:33:58
mTw steel is by far the more known player
2012-12-16 15:16:57
2012-12-16 16:13:57
you mean 3D steel?:D
2012-12-16 18:10:37
that one :D
2012-12-16 19:18:39

the only steel with tournament wins in CS history (CSS doesn't count :D)
2012-12-16 23:30:48
+1 :D
2012-12-16 23:36:27
if I ment 3D steel, I would have said 3D steel

2012-12-17 23:34:56
2012-12-18 00:54:29
how is that a fail?
2012-12-22 01:08:59
the only steel i know is 3D|gueorguiev
2012-12-16 19:18:11
Oh god I hate that prick. He wouldnt shut up in the final, NiP vs ESC. I thought someone was strangling me
2012-12-16 17:00:18
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
Not even the force can muster a fu** to give.

There's no HLTV vs Cadred, only certain individuals who obviously dislike each other. The flame and hype is generated by the community itself.
2012-12-16 20:14:49
that so? then why is the fat guy from Cadred always flaming/involved in flaming HLTV?
2012-12-16 23:15:28
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
"certain individuals", do you see a whole army of swords from admins from both sides ready to charge at each other? HLTV is a collective, not an individual. To say that HLTV is flaming at another site or vice versa, then everyone would be involved. No one is "representing" HLTV if they posted something on twitter and I highly doubt Richard is representing Cadred if he talks about his own opinion.
2012-12-16 23:35:31
I know at least about 3 Cadred admins attacking HLTV in every opportunity they get. One of them is Diablosomething, Blewhis and some other Saucer.

they do it in their articles and their comments, dat isn't enough for you?

Post edited 2012-12-17 00:10:01
2012-12-17 00:09:16
they just jealous users, leave them alone, cant compare our mods or member with users of cardred, they different and some are very mad at you because you play 1.6

Post edited 2012-12-18 00:59:44
2012-12-18 00:58:19
Yes there is just Richard against hltv.org and here are some users against Richard. I just hate their web design. I have to reconsider 5 times that piece of information isn't anywhere else before forcing myself going there.
2012-12-16 23:28:13
2012-12-16 23:54:23
Happens mayne.

Famous, not famous, yellow, green, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.... it happens to everyone and everything. It's all trivial. Just do what you need to do and keep it real.
2012-12-16 23:47:29
2012-12-17 01:08:44
You ever talk shit about green again and i'll rape you with a stick D:
2012-12-17 01:53:52

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