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Hello guys, i'm created online radio on own3d.tv
This radio for gamers (with playing LoL, playing DM or etc etc)

Notice:Please contact us suggestions and if you have a nice list of songs

link: www.own3d.tv/anilyalcin_93


Please support, regards.
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Created 2012-12-29 19:50 by: REAL_DAYWALKER
will support, fett nice ;)
2012-12-29 19:57:27
Thanks :)
2012-12-29 19:58:52
rly nice project :)) , but i care about laggs :/
2012-12-29 20:00:50
Typical polish internet, no problem brother :)
This radio just have 128 bitrate :)
2012-12-29 20:01:33
I have 40mb/s internet dunno what u talking about
and he is probably talking about pc usage not internet
2012-12-29 20:04:22
I understand you.
2012-12-29 20:14:26
Radio is offline now, thanks for support guys.
2012-12-29 20:27:25
nothing against ur project, but whats the point of it? every1 can make his own youtube playlist, or download mp3 and make playlist in winamp/windows media player/aimp, whatever:D
2012-12-29 20:28:00
thanks 4information :)

i'll try next time ^^
2012-12-29 20:39:24

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