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hello guyz...!!
i have nvidia graphic card in my laptop which is dell indpiron n5110..!!
but i dont know what is its serial number...!!my main question is:
what should i keep in my graphic settings for playing cs 1.6 for better aiming n skills..!!
should i keep high perfomance nvida processor or integrated graphics for better use?
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Created 2012-12-30 18:40 by: lorddeepak009
changing ur graphic wont give u better aim if im correct
2012-12-30 18:42:00
you're mixing things. As #1 said, the change of graphic properties wont affect your aim. If you can get stable fps to play the game smoothly (on all situations) the only thing that can help improve your aim and skill is PRACTICE, PRACTICE & MORE PRACTICE.

Still not getting why you mentioned the serial number thing ... o.O but whatever :)
2012-12-30 19:01:59

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